Manilam Decorative Panel, (BP Industries (Plyboards) Pvt. Ltd)

Bareilly , Uttar Pradesh , India

Manilam Decorative Panel is one of India’s leading manufacturer of Decorative Laminates that offers an exotic range of diverse surface ideas to beautify your interiors and decorate your dream spaces.

Our products are characterized by higher colour fastness and the best bonding properties with substrates.

At Manilam, we always ensure that superior quality laminate panels are available to you at the best prices and wide variety.

Since its inception, Manilam uses innovative technology and creative solutions as the guiding principle for decor ideas with an elegance and character which professionals like architects, interior designers, & end customers can easily rely on.

    Company/Group BP Industries (Plyboards) Pvt. Ltd
    Nature Of Business Laminate
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    Address Attamanda Gaon, Bhojipura Nainital Road, Bareilly (UP) India
    City Bareilly
    State Uttar Pradesh

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