REHAU, (REHAU Polymers Pvt Ltd)

New Delhi , Delhi , India

Since the inception in 1948, REHAU has grown exponentially, driven by the ambition to enhance the lives of people around the world with innovative polymer-based solutions. Started with just two employees, the company now employs over 20,000 people in more than 50 countries globally.

The company, REHAU, provides customised solutions for polymer products. By staying true to their principles, REHAU remains an independent, privately held company, continues to redefine how the products interact to the customers and enhance their personal and professional lives.

With in-depth knowledge of materials and extensive experience in technologies and manufacturing processes, the REHAU not only provides polymers for domestic purposes including facade and reduction of a building’s energy consumption; but also for improving road safety. REHAU’s tailor-made polymer products make life better in countless ways.

REHAU’s solutions not only help people to be safer, healthier and more efficient, but also ensure the world they live in remains sustainable for generations to come as the company is attentively focused on the growing importance of quality, efficiency and sustainability.

    Company/Group REHAU Polymers Pvt Ltd
    Nature Of Business Plumbing, Doors & Windows
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    Address 88, 2nd Floor, Furniture Block Kirti Nagar, 110015 New Delhi India
    City New Delhi
    State Delhi

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