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SR Guest Blog is a space for articles from guests written for Surfaces Reporter's readers. Check: How to write a guest article for SURFACES REPORTER magazine?

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Why to install Fire evacuation lifts in hospitals?

Hospitals need to upgrade their fire evacuation system to save lives and expensive assets of the hospitals during Fire Emergencies

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How to write a guest article for SURFACES REPORTER magazine?

Surfaces Reporter receives a lot of requests for guest articles. Many are rejected for the promotional motive and nature of the content. We look for genuine content with authentic intent for adding value to our readers.

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Give A Festive Feel to Your Home With These Lighting and Decor Tips Shared by Archana & Amit Shah | SR Design

Ar. Archana Shah and Mr. Amit Shah, Founders, Archana Amit Shah, Ahmedabad lay special stress on recognizing the right spaces and corners where the effect of lighting and decoration will give a festive feel to the home.

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Do’s And Don’ts While Choosing A Wallpaper Sharing Anurag & Pallavi Pashine of Salankar Pashine & Associates | Interior Design Tips

The team at Salankar and Pashine Associates shares with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) the innovative ways one can make use of wallpapers within home interiors to create a dynamic impact

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6 Tips to Bring Versatility to Your Bedrooms by Robin Sisodiya | ASRO Arcade | Home Improvement Ideas

The bedroom is one of the few places in the house where ones personality is truly reflected. So, how can the bedroom be designed to maximise its adaptability? Read SRs article to know:

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Riding out the storm: Ease of Doing Construction is need of an hour - Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, National President, NAREDCO

Real estate is the second largest job creator in the Indian economy; it supports 250-plus allied industries as also plays a major role in GDP growth.

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Encouraging Women towards real estate investment

Owing to record drop in interest rate and reduction in stamp duty and circle rates in select cities, demand for residential real estate has gone up significantly in recent months

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