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faucet is a device to deliver water from a plumbing system. Single or dual-control cartridge faucets are mostly used in most residential areas. Faucets that have ceramic-disc cartridges are much more durable. Due to its resistance to soft-water corrosion and hard-water calcification, Brass is the most widely used material for faucets. Faucets come in a wide range of textures and styles. With computers controlling most of the machines, the manufacturing process for faucets has become highly automated. To meet consumers' increasing demands, manufacturers will continue to add value and quality.

Kitchen Faucet: Kitchen Faucets are just a tube through which water comes out. Modern kitchen faucets are available with impeccable high-quality designs. So many things to consider when you hunt for the best-rated kitchen faucets are designs, functionalities, color, efficiency.

Bathroom Faucets: There are many different types of bathroom faucets available in all kinds of colors, finishes, styles, and sizes. The types of bathroom faucets include; Vessel, Wall-mount, Deck mount, Spread-fit, Single-handle, Centre-set, Bridge.

Shower Faucets: Shower faucets can be categorized based on multiple subsets that include valve, configuration, handle, and much more. Types of shower faucets include; shower only faucet, shower faucet, and tub combo, Tub Filer, shower head, handheld shower, body sprayer, shower system.


The Frank Llyod Wright® Bath Collection by Brizo®: A Tradition of Breaking with Tradition.

Frank Lloyd Wright saw the world differently. And inspired us to do the same. In the Frank Lloyd Wright® Bath Collection by Brizo®, we pay homage to his visionary spirit.; Photograph courtesy Brizo®

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Bulk buying of Tiles, Bath fittings, Pipes, Cables & Elevators, to speed up Construction work

Real estate developers have decided to source raw material supplies in bulk from manufacturers at preferred rates.

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COVER STORY: WORKING FROM HOME: Aman Anand,Director, FIMA Jal Faucet, Chandigarh

Read viewpoint of Mr Aman Anand on Working from Home.

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Know your showerhead for a blissful bath experience

In India, people are still not very much concerned about the shape of showerhead and a shower being oval, round or square doesn’t create much difference. However, there are a few considerations that need to be taken care of while choosing your showerhead.

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Quintessential Excellence by Quadro Design

Levo is the new collection of taps with an essential design both for the bathroom and the kitchen. Designed by Studio Adolini, the new line is manufactured in stainless steel.

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Dress Up your Bathroom!

The concepts to choose from are Chrome, Black to White, Brushed, Matt Luxe, Glossy Golden, Matt Golden, Special Outfits, the gala dresses, those for special occasions, different colour combinations between the body and the handle.

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Jaw-dropping faucets from Jaquar

The Tiaara products resemble an extravagant piece of jewellery with echoing ovals of abstracting functionality into a simple act of elevating conventional usage into an exquisite experience.

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A Tall & Handsome Faucet from Kajaria

Kerovit’s Matrix from Kajaria is expressly designed to meet every style desire and installation devoirs. Ideal for vessel-style sinks, this tall height faucet provides a higher water flow.

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Showerhead or A light installation

Ten blown-glass spheres, with satin or metallic surface, recall drops of water, floating inside the shower, suspended at different heights through silicone tubes, covered by an elegant steel mesh.

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How Changing Showerhead Can Improve Your Bath Experience

Renovating a bathroom is always a tedious task which is why people, rather than making the changes, keep themselves hooked on to the same bath fittings, accessories etc.

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WISER II: The Reddot Awardee ‘Waterfall’ Faucet

Wiser faucet was granted the Red Dot award for new and practical one-button start, changeable water temperature at will, easy to control current water temperature.

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Limited Edition of Exclusive Imported Tiles by Ceracasa

CeraCasa deals in Imported Bath fittings and Sanitaryware from brands such as Villeroy & Boch, Globo and Fima, Carlo Frattini. Imported Tiles brands like Imola, Keraben Appiani, Panneria group as well as domestic project dealers.

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BRAND BUZZ | SURFACES REPORTER - SLOAN VALVES Bringing Water Efficiency to India

Rarely in the world of bath, faucets and water, ever enters a giant that talks about conservation as much as it talks about class – SLOAN is one such brand.

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Kohler to upgrade its Black ensemble series

Kitchen and bath fittings major Kohler India is geared up to enhance the brand’s reputation amongst customers with their products, technology & design innovation, trends and services.

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"We expect steady growth in the premium segment," says Ravi Nindwani, MD, Delta Faucet Company India

Delta Faucet Company is a rising player when it comes to premium and luxury segments of the bath fittings market in India.

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Changing the showerhead can enhance your bath experience

Renovating a bathroom is always a tedious task which is why people, rather than making the changes, keep themselves hooked on to the same bath fittings, accessories etc. for years, enduring the constant pain of either a bad product or a fitting.

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Smart Faucets Can Change HABITS

Very often we see that people tend to leave the water running while shaving, soaping the hands, washing face or while brushing the teeth. A great deal of water gets wasted as a result, without people realizing it.

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