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Do you have an idea worth sharing? | Share it to Surfaces Reporter i3 Talks - Vertica Dvivedi

In the past one and a half years, we at Surfaces Reporter heavily diversified into the digital segments with numerous webinars, videos, talks, and discussions. However, i3 Talk was conceptualized in 2017, post which a series of talks were organized alongside The Talk of Town Architecture Events by

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Someone was pleasantly surprised when I used the term "COVID WARRIORS" for Architects & Designers. It was during a pre-webinar discussion when I used these words to emphasize on the crucial role of architects & interior designers during this pandemic.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for Awards

An award adds a lot of credentials to your work. While aspiring for one, make sure you do your best during submission. These tips could prove helpful.

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The New SurfacesReporter.Com in the New Decade

Explore a whole new world of content with the New SurfacesReporter.Com!

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4 Ways Women can Leverage Network and Build Better Connections

These are the ways in which women professionals and entrepreneurs can build better relationships, without spending too much time on networking...

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Seven Global Design Trends We Saw in 2019

Daily, we come across many new ideas and designs. Some just pop in and out, while a few not only create a lasting impression but also evolve with time. Explore the latest trends design that are creating waves globally.

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Under any Circumstances, Do Not Design Inaccessible Buildings

We humans are often touted for our selected empathy, what doesn’t affect us personally, doesn’t move us.

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The Price of Perfectionism by Vertica Dvivedi

The idea is to walk you through my journey from just ‘being a perfectionist’ to ‘perfectionism with delegation’.

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