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Self-Healing roads- new material that can fill potholes by itself | SURFACES REPORTER Material Update

Using a bacterium based technology, researchers from Imperial College of London have been able to create a material that is embedded with sensors to ascertain the damage on the road and successfully repair it. A report by SURFACES REPORTER.

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How to Create a Cozy and Comfortable Reading Spot | Surfaces Reporter Idea book

Do you love reading? At some point of your time, you must have felt the need of a comfy and cozy reading space. Whether its about spending ten minutes or a few hours, building a reading space will help you to relax and focus more.

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Concrete: 1 Material, 5 Different Ways of Application | SR Exclusive | Material Ideas

Choosing materials for interior decor can be overwhelming sometimes. There are many ways to use one material that will meet all your interior design requirements. Concrete is one of the materials. It is a versatile element that can be a part of every corner of your house.

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How Mirror in The Entryway Makes the Home Look More Beautiful

The entrance of your house is the first impression a visitor gets about you and your customs. It takes some time and money to decorate your entryway with minimal designs and features that stand out from others. One of the things that make your entryway look more attractive and spacious are the

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JSW Cement opens first RMC unit in Mumbai; focus will be on eco-friendly concrete | Maharashtra | SR News Update

One of countrys major cement brands, JSW has forayed into the Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) business with the first commercial unit in Chembur, Mumbai. The RMC business will launch unique eco-friendly concrete for use in various commercial construction projects. A report by SURFACES REPORTER (SR).

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Researchers turn cabbage into material strongest than concrete that retains its taste | Institute of Industrial Science | University of Tokyo | SR Materials

Having an edible house is no longer a distant dream as researchers from Institute of Industrial Science at The University of Tokyo have developed a new method to recycle food scrapes into robust construction materials. Learn more about this special material in this report by SURFACES REPORTER (SR).

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Rechargeable Concrete Batteries; a giant leap for clean energy | Chalmers University of Technology | Sweden | SR Material Innovation

In a major leap towards building a sustainable future, researchers from Chalmers University of Technology have proposed a new concept for rechargeable batteries – made of cement. A report by SURFACES REPORTER (SR)

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Choosing the Right Paints for Your Homes| SR Ideabook

Planning to upgrade the look of your house with a fresh coat of paint? Dont worry.  For the beginners, SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has brought a short and crisp guide to choose the right kind of paint to spruce up your decor.

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Athens-Based Architectural Studio Created A Snaking Low-Lying Stone House in the Hilly Greek Island

Sinas Architects has designed a snake-like summer house on the Greek island of Serifos slowly embedded into the hilly landscape. The house is articulated by stone walls that are weaved all over from sides to up and down.

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6 Interesting Declutter Tips for Small Spaces - Minimal Homes

One of the harsh realities of life that we need to deal with is cleaning up! Clutter can create nuisance around the house especially if you live in a small space. Tripping over toys or not finding the right keys at the correct time can become a nightmare too

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