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Malabar Style Architecture of the Region | Thought Parallels Architecture

This Biophilic Overture House Gives a Modern Touch to the Ancestral Malabar Style Architecture of the Region | Thought Parallels Architecture

Nikhil Mohan and Shabna Nikhil of Thought Parallels, an architecture and design practice in Kozhikode, designed this Overture House that locates in the leafy surrounds of Payyoli, Kerala.

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Sinuo Chair

Chair made by Twisting and Turning Thin Steel Rods | Sinuo Chair | Šimon Galanský

Bratislava-based designer Šimon Galanský designed An Orange Chair by Twisting and Turning Thin Steel Rods | Sinuo Chair

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ISOLA MURANO | Washbasin and Floor Lamp

A Washbasin That Also Acts As A Floor Lamp | ISOLA MURANO | Surfaces Reporter

Venice Born architect and designer, Alessandro Lenarda designed ISOLA MURANO- an elegant free-standing washbasin for Glass Design, which also acts as a floor lamp.

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10 Unusual Furniture Designs | Surfaces Reporter

10 Unusual Furniture Designs | Surfaces Reporter

While searching around the internet, we, at SURFACES REPORTER (SR), awed by some unusual designer furniture pieces and compiled a list to share with the readers.

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SURFACES REPORTER (SR) | innovative space-saving furniture

These 10 space saving furniture pieces will amaze you | Surfaces Reporter

As homes are getting smaller, space-saving furniture seems a necessity. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has picked 10 innovative space-saving furniture. Have a look:

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Insulated Panels | Kingspan Jindal

Create Higher Building Aesthetics with Insulated Facade Panels

SURFACES REPORTER (SR) presents some of the top features of modern insulated panels used to create better building aesthetics.

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5 Mesmerizing and Artistic Chair Designs | Surfaces Reporter

5 Mesmerizing Chair Designs That Will Make Your Interior Look Artistic | Surfaces Reporter

SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has collected 5 mesmerizing chairs, designed by celebrated designers across the world, to surprise and delight your senses.

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Solar Tree’ by Nudes | Solar Leaves | Sustainable Architecture

Nuru Karim designs ‘Solar Tree’ Made of Wood and Steel to Combat Climate Change | Modular Architecture | Nudes

The architecture and design studio NUDES has designed a “solar tree”- a net-zero energy observatory tower to combat issues surrounding climate change.

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Swan shaped Mega Yacht with detachable head inspired by Japanese Manga | Pierpaolo Lazzarini

Designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, known for his outrageous and ultra-futuristic design concepts, this Mega Yacht with its Swan like shape and most appalling amenities provides a peek into the future.

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Carbon Fibre Entwined With Bamboo

Carbon Fibre Entwined With Bamboo -The Material of the Future | Kengo Kuma

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma weaved two materials- Bamboo and Carbon fibre- to build this unique structure, which is known as Bamboo Ring.

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