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Rhinox, the healthier solution for the plumbing needs | SURFACES REPORTER Product Post

Rhinox, a part of Jyoti Group that creates sustainable and healthier plumbing and water storage solution in Stainless Steel has organized a seminar on “Stainless Steel: An ideal solution for safe, pure, and sustainable water management”. A report by SURFACES REPORTER (SR).

New Range of Dishwashers Customized for Indian Households by BSH Home Appliances | SURFACES REPORTER Material Update

Adding to its existing line of dishwashers, BSH Home Appliances has launched a new and advanced range of dishwashers consisting of 19 new technologically advanced models including Bosch and Siemens.

Dark and Textured Range of Kitchen Cabinets from Aster Cucine’s Factory Collection | SURFACES REPORTER Material Update

Brought to India by Ottimo, Aster Cucine recently announced its new line of linear wooden fitted kitchen cabinets with handles. Designed by Lorenzo Granocchia, the Factory collection is crafted out of the finest wood and is in a cross of various materials right from steel.

Japanese Interior Screen-Like Glass Sliding Doors Shoin by Lualdi | SURFACES REPORTER Material Update

Lualdi – available in India through Ottimo – has unveiled a system of glass sliding doors and fixed panels called Shoin similar to Japanese interior screens. Designed to act as clear walls and entryways, these panels delineate spaces and create welcoming environments.

Lamitech’s Chromacore Range Creates Uniform Tridimensional Volumes with Solid Appearance | SURFACES REPORTER Material Update

Made with melamine resin and multiple layers of special decorative papers that confer design and high resistance to wear, Lamitech has launched a high-pressure decorative laminate Chromacore. Its consistency ensures strength in colour and eliminates.

Product Designer Ivana Steiner Introduces Multi-Functional, Sustainable Kitchen Design Through Zero Waste Kitchen | Surfaces Reporter

Evoked by the current global crisis of climatic change and the rising generation’s demand for sustainable standards of living such as Fridays for Future, Vienna-based product designer Ivana Steiner decided to pay her share to green living through the Zero Waste Kitchen.

Sustainable Designer Gabe Tavas Alters Kombucha Waste to Create Pyrus That Mimics Exotic Wood | SURFACES REPORTER Material Update

Nature and design can beautifully coexist if embraced properly. And it is our young generation that has taken up the task at hand to balance the elementals of the environment with the rise in climate change.

Holcim Launches World’s First Cement Made Out of Recycled Construction, Demolition Waste | SURFACES REPORTER Material Update

Part of Switzerland-based LafargeHolcim, Holcim Deutschland has launched a carbon neutral cement ECOPlanet. Available in Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Canada, Spain, France and Italy, the cement will be reportedly delivering at least 30 per cent less carbon footprint along with superior performance

North Carolina State University Researchers Create Kirigami-Inspired Materials for Shape-Shifting Architecture | SURFACES REPORTER Material Update

North Carolina State University researchers have reportedly developed a material that can be used to create structures that are capable of transforming into multiple architectures. Inspired by metamorphosis, the researchers envision applications ranging from construction to robotics.

A2P’s GreenGirt Adjustable to Facilitate Thermal Efficiency Design, Faster Installations and Other Building Constraints | SURFACES REPORTER Material Update

The creator of GreenGirt, Advanced Architectural Products (A2P) has released its next generation product called GreenGirt Adjustable, keeping in mind the need of versatile materials in architectural design.

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