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This Serene and Minimal Ornamented Penthouse in Ahmedabad Designed to be a Getaway From City Stress | Marigold Interiors

Principal designer Kshama Parmar of Marigold Interiors has designed this spacious and airy penthouse away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the tranquil location of Ahmedabad.

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The Wavy Façade of This Theme Restaurant And Indoor Amusement Park in Maharashtra Imitates a Fortress | Synectics Architects

Nashik-based architecture firm Synectics Architects led by Architect Dhananjay Powar designed a stunning theme restaurants and indoor amusement park in Maharashtra featuring gabion wall on its façade that gives the reflection of the Laling fort.

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Classic Marble Company Felicitates Pritzker Prize Laureate BV Doshi With “Jalsha”- A Marble Masterpiece on his 94th Birthday | Ahmedabad

On the occasion of B.V. Doshis 94th birthday, Classic Marble Company (CMC), India’s largest stones conglomerate, felicitated him with a memento titled Jalsha. Designed by the virtuoso himself, the sculpture depicts a whale breaking out of the ocean.

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Rohit Palakkal of Nestcraft Architecture Used  The Concept of “Tropical-Brutalism” to Design This Wabi-Sabi Office in Kerala

Kerala-based Nestcraft Architecture, led by Rohit Palakkal, has used “tropical brutalism”- the unique and spanking new design theme while designing this architect’s office- The Violet in Kerala

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Unemori Architects Elevate House in Takaoka 700 Mm above Ground to Prevent Harsh Weather Conditions

Keeping in mind the harsh climatic conditions, Unemori Architects successfully completed the one-storey residential house in Takaoka. Designed on stilts, the Tokyo-based studio designed an inventive and cleverly structured house which would suit Toyama’s weather.

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Ariake Gymnastics Centre Designed For Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 Boasts One of the Largest Timber Roofs in the World | Nikken Sekkei + Shimizu Corporation

The Ariake Gymnastics Centre is a purpose-built venue for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games by Nikken Sekkei + Shimizu Corporation. The 12,000-capacity building is defined by a striking timber floating vessel that wraps around it.

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Varied applications of Marble in Trend these days

Marble, a natural stone that has been in trend for centuries is yet again on a boom in 2021 with its ever-so-ravishing textures, patterns, veins and bands along with the durability it brings with itself.

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Wallpaper 101: Mistakes to Avoid on The Path to Wallpaper Perfection

Wallpapers are a very powerful type of surface; they can change the décor of your house and make or break its look. Putting up a wallpaper in your rooms gives it a customized affect based on your personality, choice and taste.

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A Trip to Leather’s Ville: How to Maintain Natural Leather Furniture?

Leather is a very trendy yet a costly material to have for furniture. It has been around and available for ages and is used for clothing, footwear and furniture.

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Paint to Perfection: Common Application Mistakes to Avoid While Painting

Picking colour for your indoors can be a really tough task. One might go gaga while finding the right colour for the right room. There are various problems faced and mistakes made while painting. Here’s how to combat them to success.

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