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An unbreakable guitar!

Rock stars have been smashing guitars for decades, but a 3D printed guitar, designed by Sandvik, gave jitters to even the ‘most rigorous’ smasher.

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BUILDING Smart Security

We as architects/designers are not as helpless on the subject of security as we have conventionally been trained to believe. It is not really a grueso...

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Minimalism vs. Maximalism

Minimalism and Maximalism are two of the most trendy décor themes, let’s delve a little deeper and understand how you can create a house of your dream...

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How to create an environment friendly office?

When the whole world is talking about climate change and the need to save environment, it becomes extremely important that everyone should play an act...

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Juicy Wallpapers from Talavera

A colourful trellis of ribbons combined with citrus fruits and vivid hedgerow flowers.

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A pool in a tub!

Designed to meet indoor and outdoor requirements, this free-standing tub by Zucchetti stands out for its small size, making it easy to move and positi...

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Scintillating Stone Surfaces from Topstona

Deriving inspiration from the unique character of hand weaves, Topstona’s collection Entwine unveils a series of woven wonders.

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Germ-Free Technology Infused in Johnson Tiles

The Germ-Free technology infused in Johnson Tiles inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on the tile surface.

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Government Announces 25000 Crores for Stalled Housing Projects: How Real-Estate Sector is Reacting?

The Government of India brought relief to home-buyers with its announcement of a bailout fund of 25000 crores for stalled housing projects in the affo...

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Luxury Silverware Brand, Ravissant Launches Its New Imperial Collection for 2019

Ravissant – a coveted and old brand known for their luxury silverware amongst their other lavish offerings, has recently introduced its Silver collect...

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What ‘Actually’ Made Pink City, Jaipur Bag The Title of UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Jaipur recently secured a spot as World Heritage Site in UNESCO’s list in July! Special thanks to its Regal Architecture, amongst other culturally-dri...

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Legendary Architect B.V. Doshi turns 92 today!

The first Indian architect to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the legendary Balkrishna Doshi, turns today 92! While extending warm wishes, we...

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