Home furniture

There are several reasons for buying furniture. It is the backdrop to our lives. To make life more comfortable, and for storage, we use furniture. 

Depending on the size and interior decor of residential and commercial places, you may need furniture that is different in size or style.

Uses of Furniture:

1. Furniture creates a sense of familiarity and also provides security.

2. It offers comfort and flexibility.

3. The theme of the room controls the choice of furniture.

4. Furniture represents certain styles, also the style of construction of the house.

5. Furniture enhances cultural interests.

Furniture design: According to many interior designers, furniture is one of the most important aspects of interior space. It not only add function and practicality to space.

Furniture manufacturers and companies in India that always strive to create different types of furniture. Every new furniture design starts with a basic concept, or idea. As per the requirement of consumers in India, large varieties of furniture designs, furniture showrooms are available.

Loewe Lamps Exhibition Shines Light on Artistry and Innovation at Milan Design Week

According to Jonathan Anderson, founder of JW Anderson and head of Loewe, the artists experimented with the properties of each material to create unexpected interactions with light.

One Furniture Piece That Architects and Designers Loved Using In Their Recent Project

On the occasion of upcoming Women’s Day in March, Furniture Design and Technology (FDT) reached out to women architects and designers to unravel that one piece of furniture which they loved using in their project. After all what is form and function without the captivating touch of aesthetics...

Eco-Friendly Collection Unveiled at Milan Design Week

Garbage Kids emphasizes traditional carpentry, crafting each piece by hand with a slow, deliberate approach, contrasting with modern mass production.


The Indian Government has already identified the furniture sector as a crucial sector to drive the Indian economy; having said that the road ahead needs to be traversed in a planned and strategic way.

Innovative Furniture made out of Recycled Parachute Material

The Canopy Collection is the result of close collaboration between Layer and Raeburn, celebrating innovative thinking from industrial design and fashion worlds.

Retrospective Show Celebrates Alessandro Mendini’s Legacy at Milan Design Week

The exhibition, divided into six thematic sections, reflects on Mendini’s life and work, beginning with Identikit, a series of self-portraits.

IKEA Unveils Unconventional, Versatile Gaming Furniture at Milan Design Week | Brannboll Collection

The Brannboll collection was crafted to offer mobility and adaptability, allowing gamers to enjoy their favourite pastime across different rooms and platforms.

ChopValue Converts Used Chopsticks into Statement Furniture

ChopValue’s work desk is made using 10,852 chopsticks that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

WOOD LAND Exhibition to Celebrate Wood Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Notable highlights include Irish designer and maker Joseph Walsh’s unique furniture piece crafted from the wood of a one-hundred-year-old elm tree, felled due to Elm disease, and innovative projects that blend traditional craft techniques with modern aesthetics.

This Stool Offers Sustainable Transformation and Versatility | Unknown Stool

A minimalist stool concept by designers Erika Avery and Stu Cole offers a sustainable solution by seamlessly transforming two stools into a single bench and vice versa, adapting to evolving demands.