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Doors and Windows not only enhance the aesthetic appeal at both residential and commercial places but also update your look and increase home security.

Doors and windows are crucial in maintaining a happy home for the following reasons:

1. People take pride in the appearance of their homes.
2. Convenience.
3. Doors and windows offer safety and security.
4. Modern doors and windows are highly efficient.
5. Use of good doors and windows also maintain property value.

Composite Doors: Composite doors are made of a selection of materials including a solid timber core and uPVC, etc. Composite doors add extra security, enhanced weatherproofing.

Aluminum Doors: In these types of doors, aluminum is typically found in door frames in combination with glass panels or mesh. It is commonly found in sliding doors, bifold and stacker door frames. Aluminum doors offer security, weather-proofing, soundproofing, are cost-effective, and provide thermal insulation.

PVC Doors: PVC Doors are the perfect human-made doors and the trend and fascination are growing day by day. It is not only worth your investment but also gives a great aesthetic look to exterior doors at both residential and commercial places. PVC doors are highly durable and it takes less effort on maintenance.

Aluminum glass door: Aluminium is more than 3 times stronger than PVC and 43 times stronger than wood which makes it an ideal material for doors and windows. Aluminum doors offer a wide array of rich and luxurious finishes that require minimal maintenance.

Doors & Window Systems

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