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A wallpaper within the home interiors instantly improves the scenic beauty of the whole room where it is used. People are now shifting to other options than using big buckets of paints and breakable tiles. Apart from offering the spaces a chic ambience, they enhance the look a room can seek. Wallpaper is a versatile tool if you use it smartly. If you are a newbie in the world of wallpapers, there are a few do’s and don'ts to keep in mind before you give a makeover to your walls. And what would be better than that if you get those tips directly from the architecture and interior design stalwarts. Below, the team at Salankar and Pashine Associates shares with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) the innovative ways one can make use of wallpapers within home interiors to create a dynamic impact. Take a look:

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dos-and-donts-while-choosing-wallpapers-Salankar-Pashine-&-Associates-surfaces-reporterWith the adherence to different textures and colours, they are available in a lot of options. To ensure consistent colour matching, it is advisable to buy all of the paper required at once and double-check the lot number to ensure the chosen rolls are from the same batch. 


Consider the Spatial Colours 

Consider the colour palette of the house's flooring, upholstery, curtains, and other furnishings, since the existing colour scheme will help while choosing the right wallpaper for the home.


Track Wall Seepages 

Checking for seepage is the second most critical component. One should not use wallpaper if there is seepage. Use an inexpensive paint texture or marble instead.  Tiles are also another option one can use to cover damp walls. 

Create Visually Impacting Corners 

Make note of small spaces like a bookcase or window nooks. These are excellent areas to use wallpaper as they add depth and visual interest to a room. 

dos-and-donts-while-choosing-wallpapers-Salankar-Pashine-&-Associates-surfaces-reporterThe intended area where an architect plans to hang the wallpaper is also crucial. In the kitchen, for example, make use of washable wallpaper to keep up with the maintenance. Remember to consider the lighting as well. Choose a good wallpaper colour based on one’s needs.


Textile fibres are now used to make wallpaper too. The varied fabrics utilised in these wallpapers include polyester, cotton, and silk that offers a diverse option to choose from while keeping the walls easy to clean. 

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Going Big Does Not Always Mean Going Bold 

To be impactful, wallpaper does not have to be heavily patterned. In order to add colour and texture to any space, it is better to purchase a simple, charming plain wallpaper. Pin samples of the designs you've shortlisted on the wall to see if it works with the design scheme. Salankar Pashine and Associates use textured wallpapers and subtle colours to give an elaborated spatial look. 


Stick To One Decided Design Style

Due to the overwhelming amount of options, picking a design and sticking to it might be difficult. Consider which design suits the home's decor — bold geometric patterns, for example, may match a contemporary new construction, whilst gentle florals may go with a rustic farmhouse. 

Keep In Mind The Room Aesthetics 

Think about the size of the room in relation to the scale of the design when picking patterned paper. Intricate designs can be lost in larger rooms, whilst a huge print might overshadow a smaller room. When selecting wallpaper for a room, be practical.


One should think of keeping in mind the whole look of the room while deciding the wallpaper and not just the wall the paper is being applied to. Dark colours can be flashy at times and can hence alter the whole look of the room. 

dos-and-donts-while-choosing-wallpapers-Salankar-Pashine-&-Associates-surfaces-reporterWallpapers help add to the beauty of the design by minimizing the efforts, time and expenses. They can be easily replaced if someone gets bored with the design and wants to change the outlook without any hassle. 

About the Firm

Salankar Pashine & Associates is a Nagpur based firm that provides architectural & interior design services for varied projects including residential, mixed-use, educational, medical, commercial, and industrial projects. Founded in 1999 & headed by Principal Architects Anurag & Pallavi Pashine, Salankar Pashine & Associates is composed of a skilled staff of architects, designers, including project engineer professionals. They maintain strong professional relationships with leading consultants in landscape architecture, structural design firms, and project engineering firms. Along with providing a comprehensive range of interior design services & a broad niche of design styles, SPA is celebrated for its depth of the process which they use to understand the paradigm of each project.

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