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Can Dubai’s Proposed Giant Towers Help Combat Delhi’s Toxic Smog?

To clean Delhi’s polluted air, Dubai-based architecture firm, Znera Purposed to Design 100-metres high pollution absorbing towers.

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SR Architecture Project

Sameep Padora Designs an Undulating Brick Vault for a School Library in India

Mumbai based architecture firm Sameep Padora & Associates (sP+a) has constructed a brick vaulted Maya Somaiya Library for a school in the Indian town ...

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SR WADe Asia

Ar Revathi Kamath Won WADe Sustainability Champion Award 2018

Revathi Kamath, the ingenious architect who have put life into mud architecture and brought its diversity, durability, and dazzle to the world, was a ...

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SR Fascinating Façade

Exhaust Air Facade with Electrochromic Window Panes

3D-printing robots and remote-controlled flying objects to automated designs that use biomimicry to catch the wind, automated glass facade, reinforced...

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SR Product Post

Otis India Elevates World’s Tallest Statue - the Statue of Unity

Otis India is providing vertical transport solutions to world’s tallest statue- the Statue of Unity, standing at a height of 182 meters, spread over ...

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SR Product of the Week

Fanzart Combines Technology and Beauty to Bring Evolutionary Fans!

A fan that doesn’t just keep your room cool, but helps you relax and enjoy.

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SR Design of the Week

A Wonderful Organic Collection by Werner Neumann

A globally recognized furniture designer from The Netherlands, Werner Neumann once was just doodling on a day, and then decided to turn the doodles in...

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SR Kitchen Korner

4 Aspects of a Carefully Planned Kitchen

In traditional Indian homes, a kitchen was the only place one couldn’t enter without bathing. It goes to show how revered the cooking space was for th...

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SR Product Launch

DuPont Introduces New Reinforced 3D Printing Materials at Formnext 2018

DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers, a global business unit of the DowDuPont Specialty Products Division presents new 3D printing filaments, rei...

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SR Bulletin

Spectacular Diwali Celebrations in Countries All Over the World Other Than India

Not just the Indian houses or monuments were decked up in glittering lights on Diwali, even famous monuments across the country like Burj  Khalifa and...

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SR Bulletin

PM Modi Inaugurates World’s Tallest Statue

The 182-meter tall monument- ‘Statue of Unity’, which is touted to be the world’s tallest statue, dedicated to the iron man of India, was inaugurated ...

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SR Bulletin

National Aptitude Test (NATA) in Architecture Will Be Held Twice a Year

The President of Council of Architecture (CoA), Vijay Garg, said on Monday that the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) will be conducted tw...

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