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SR Innovation

How is the Government Focusing on New Technologies to Empower The Real Estate?

Innovation is not merely a word or an event. Its an ongoing process. You can innovate only when you understand a problem and try to find out its solut...

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SR In Focus

Can Architecture Cause Social Uplift?

Architecture has always existed for fulfilling the basic needs of shelter. It lives as a dream in eyes of everyone, be it rich or poor.

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SR Cloud Walk

Norway Constructs the Worlds Tallest All-Timber Building

The frame of The Mjos (Mjøstårnet) Tower- which is said to be the worlds tallest all-timber building- has completed in Norway. Woodify- the company th...

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SR Interior Design Project

ORVI Signature Surfaces Gets Inspiration from the Art Deco Interiors of 1930s Paris

Located near the Champs-Elysées overlooking lovely ParcMonceau, the Hotel du Collectionneur and its restaurant Le Collectionneur are inspired by the A...

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SR Design of the Week

Pouf Chairs Built by Fusing Elements from Doshis Architecture

Of what can be thought of as an expression or almost like a painting on pieces of furniture – Otium living collaborated with Pfeda Synthetics.

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SR Innovation

Marine-Grade Concrete Reinforced with Recycled Plastic Fibres to Build Eco-Friendly Seawall by Volvo

Volvo has taken an innovative, creative approach to create a living seawall along the coast of Sydney’s harbour.

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SR Material of the Week

The Latest Countertop and Surface Material- Pyrolithic Stone

Geoluxe offers a breakthrough in the material industry with Pyrolithic Stone™, combining the noble beauty of natural marble with superior technical pe...

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SR Innovation

It’s Not an Ordinary Flower Vase but a FireVase

Appearing to be a simple flower vase made from translucent red glass for decorative purpose, this is actually a fire extinguisher designed by subsidia...

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SR Bulletin

Lodha Group Lauched Palava Institute to Help Professionals Learn 21st Century Skills

Lodha Group has launched the Palava Institute – an innovative hub of excellence for professional and continuing education. The institute is being deve...

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SR Product Launch

Non-Toxic and Anti-Bacterial uPVC EDGEBANDS by REHAU

RAUKANTEX is REHAU’s premium edgeband range and will be available in 9 variants. These include; RAUKANTEXColour & Décor, RAUKANTEX Mirror Gloss, RAUKA...

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SR Recognition

Arata Isozaki becomes the Eighth Japanese Winner of the Pritzker Prize 2019

Arata Isozaki, an eminent Japanese architect, has won 2019 Pritzker Prize, the highest honour in the field of architecture, because of his innovative ...

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SR Event News

Foster + Partners Have Been Granted Goldsun Hqs Planning Approval

Having received the planning approval for the new headquarters of the Goldsun group by foster + partners in Taipei, the project has been included as a...

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