SR In Focus

Architect Neera Adarkar- Winner of WADE India Special Category Award

Neera Adarkar says my interest in Urban research was inspired by my engagement with two major socio-political movements.

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SR Fascinating Façade

Farmanieh Residential Tower by ZAAD Studio and Marz Design

The radical geometric design displays the Tehran and Iranian architectural concept. The ‘Farmanieh’ residential tower is a living concept created in c...

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SR Innovation

Architects Manoj Patel and Siddharth Patel Transforms Scrap Yard Materials Into A Lively Discotheque

Our firm is a profound believer of sustainable and cost effective design solutions. For us designing this project of 2101 sq ft discotheque was a true...

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SR In Focus

Neelam Manjunath: Winner of WADe India Sustainability Champion Award at WADE 2017

The profession of architecture needed a platform like WADe to encourage women architects to pursue their profession in their own right and not as a su...

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SR Design of the Week

The Desk with Height Adjustment Worktop

From the kitty of Mikomax, Poland, this ingenious, patented and environment-friendly machinery makes raising of the work surface an outstanding rapid ...

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SR Product of the Week

Woodskin- Strength of a Wood and Flexibility of a Fabric

Woodskin is a revolutionary material that is extremely flexible, strong and is able to convert into various 3D shapes perfect for vertical or horizont...

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SR Application

The Importance of Red Oxide Flooring

Red oxide, Black oxide and other color oxide flooring, unique to Kerala, is back in flavor after falling from grace in the seventies.

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SR Innovation

Innovative Products Made out of Mushroom

Phil Ross, a biologist has been experimenting with fungi in his art practice for almost two decades. By introducing mushroom tissue into molds filled ...

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SR 10 on 10

10 on 10 with Claudio Luti, President, Salone Del Mobile

Innovation is research, research is an investment not only of money but also of time, energy, ideas, and thoughts, says Claudio Luti, President, Salon...

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SR Rendezvous

Architects Badrinath Kaleru and Prerna Kaleru in Conversation with SR

Believing that every Problem has a capacity to inspire a unique and creative solutions that motivate growth, the young duo Badrinath Kaleru and Prerna...

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State-Of-The-Art Underfloor Heating & Cooling System from REHAU

‘Underfloor Heating and Cooling system’ from REHAU is one such easy and effective way to keep the office or home environment comfortable without spend...

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SR Rendezvous

RISING STAR Harsh Boghani at Surfaces Reporter

Ar. Harsh Boghani is the co-founder of The Crossboundaries, Vadodara a young two-year-old Baroda-based design studio. He graduated as an architect fro...

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