SR Architecture Project

Casa B: A Home Away From Homes in Mumbai

Fluctuating scales, transforming spectrums of light & a colour palette that dictates vitality & warmth, Casa B, an Alibag Getaway home designed by KDN...

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SR Interior Design Project

Luxuriousness of Covet House Brands in Russian Decor

Brought to the imponent city of Moscow in Russia, Covet House has incorporated in this apartment a fine selection of the most illustrious products fro...

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SR In Focus

2nd Century Buddhist Cave Architecture That Will Captivate Your Soul

Maharashtra has several historical chapters to deliver.  And the Karla and Bhaja rock-cut caves are one of those glorious chapters.

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SR Special

Bijoy Jain’s 2nd Exhibition Starts at Chemould Prescott Road

Bijoy Jain says," We don’t need to stereotype ourselves, why put yourself in a box?”For me, art and architecture are the same; it’s all part of one ex...

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SR Showcase

Lisa by SCAB Design Won Iconic Awards 2019

Designed by Marcello Ziliani, Lisa chair and armchair won another prestigious global award. A beautiful and comfortable chair dedicated to interiors w...

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SR Advertorial

REHAU RAUFLOOR Flooring Is Where Quality Meets Modernity

Floors are an integral part of any interiors. A beautiful floor adds value and complements the décor of the room & house. With plethora of flooring op...

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SR Product of the Week

World’s First 3D Printer That Uses Paper Pulp Instead Of Plastic

Dutch designer Beer Holthuis developed a 3D printer that uses paper waste instead of plastic.

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SR Product Post

Bio-digital Urban Curtain Uses Algae to Clean Air in Cities

A London-based architectural and urban design firm ecoLogicStudio, in collaboration with European climate innovation has designed a Bio-digital Urban ...

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SR Bulletin

Merino Launches its First Experience Center in Mumbai

The leader of laminates and wood architectural material, Merino Group-- has launched its first exclusive “Merino Experience Centre” in Mumbai recently...

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SR Exhibition Update

23 Monumental Structures of Migrants by Chinese Artist Liu Jianhua In Naples

Monumenti is an art exhibition of the Made in Cloister Foundation, which opened to the public on 8 December. And it will stay open for public until Ma...

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SR Tributes to Legend

Sad News: ‘Green Oscar’ Architect Nimish Patel Left for His Heavenly Abode

Ahmedabad-based acclaimed architect and alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA, Nimish Patel passed away ...

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SR Bulletin

Affordable Housing Gains Luxury Loses Sheen

Although luxury housing has evolved at a breakneck pace in India, this sector does not still cater to the masses. On the contrary, affordable housing ...

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