How to Choose a Wallpaper - Advice on Choosing Wallpaper for Your Area of Living

Choose a Wallpaper

Wallpapers are one of the favourite choices of homeowners. It is a versatile material that can be used in every room. There are multiple options to choose from and give your house an upgrade. Wallpapers are famous for creating an impactful texture to the walls of your room. These add more character and colour to simple walls. When installed the right way, you can completely change the aesthetic appeal of your house.

There are multiple factors to consider while choosing wallpapers for your home. Starting with installation to maintenance, continue reading to find out some tips on how to choose the right material.

1) Learn about the types of wallpaper available: There are a range of wallpaper materials. Paper-based wallpapers may or may not have a top coating. Vinyl based wallpapers have a coating that is wipeable and moisture resistant. There are wallpapers made of natural or synthetic fibres that give a rich texture. PVC or coated vinyl is one of the most affordable options.

2) Choose a colour: Learn about colour psychology. Reds give a sense of urgency and luxury. Blues has a calming effect and increases productivity. Green is a favourite choice of nature lovers. Grey and Rust are neutral earthy shades that help you connect to the surroundings. Depending on what you're looking for, choose a beautiful wallpaper for your room.

 3) Choose a pattern: While planning to buy patterned wallpapers, keep in mind the size of your room. Striped wallpapers can make your walls look taller and the room bigger. Use metallic wallpapers that will reflect the light in the room. Small prints are easy to partner with other elements of the room and are easy on the eyes. Trailing design includes using the pattern from the walls up to the ceiling. It gives the illusion that the room is taller. 

4) Source some samples: Buy some samples from the manufacturer. Try these out at home to check the intensity of how it looks in different rooms. This will help you to understand and specify your needs while looking for the right wallpaper. 

5) Learn about maintenance from the supplier/manufacturer: When maintained in the right way, wallpapers can last upto 10 years. It is a very cost effective option. It can be reused and reapplied. Be gentle while cleaning. Use mild soap and dab lightly on the surface. Dust the surface with the right tools to avoid scratches. 

6) Install correctly: Install wallpapers depending on the type of room. For small rooms, choose lighter shades as it will make the room look bigger. For bigger rooms, you can use darker shades to give it a compact and elegant look. A smart way to hide certain flaws of the room is by using wallpaper. You can cover up any exposed wire and cracks on the wall. This will give your room a seamless look. Instead of using dividers to segregate rooms, use wallpapers. These do not consume floor space and act as a perfect divider. 

7) Remember wallpapers are not just for walls: You have probably seen wallpapers on walls. It's application is not limited to the walls. Wallpapers can be used on cabinets and shelves as finishes. It's used for revamping or upcycling furniture. It can also be used as art with a frame. Use the leftover wallpaper for some statement art pieces for the wall. 

8) Special features to look out for: For busy homeowners, consider anti bacterial wallpapers. It is also pet friendly. These prevent the growth of microbes and molds.

9)  Play around with light: Use wallpapers correctly keeping in mind the light source. In rooms with many windows, the look and shade of the wallpaper can differ. Pick the right shade that does not absorb the light. For dark corridors and hallways, light coloured wallpapers will reflect the amount of light that is present.

10) Some Don'ts to remember: Some wallpapers tend to fade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Don't install in places with no shades or curtains. Avoid installing certain wallpapers in the kitchen or bathroom. The wet conditions can damage the wallpaper. If your house is located in a dust-prone region, you should avoid designs that are hard to clean. You don't have to spend a lot on wallpapers if you don't wish to. Use small amounts of the paper to create accent walls that look luxurious and modern. 

Wallpapers are such a versatile option for all kinds of style. Remember these points while buying your wallpaper. Make the interior of your house more chic and modern.  


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