Rural Havelis and Houses of Punjab Inspire The Architectural Style of BABA Restaurant Loop Design Studio | Chandigarh

Rural Havelis and House of Punjab Inspires The Architectural Style of BABA Restaurant Loop Design Studio | Chandigarh

Ar. Suvrita Bhardwaj and Ar. Nikhil Pratap Singh of Loop Design Studio conceptualized and designed BABA Restaurant in Chandigarh that spells the old world charm of rural Havelis and houses in Punjab. The project is a vernacular take on Indian dhabas and showcases the exquisite use of natural materials like brick, mud plaster, handmade tiles, steel, processed wood and concrete. The idea is to create an upcycled space with a traditional material palette from around the context. Design team worked with skilled local masons and artisans to craft this attention-grabbing eatery. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) gets more information about the project from Ar Suvrita. Have a look:

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Archaic Entry Passageway Made of Mud

The entrance alley is a longitudinal monolithic axis created using mud plaster/phuska and depicts the bazaar streetscape using different volumes, elements and layers.

 Masons and artisans were brought in from the neighbouring villages to create the phuska mixture and apply it on the walls/surfaces. 

Flooring Exudes Old World Charm

The brick flooring of the alley in a herringbone pattern enhances the old-world charm of the space. The alley flows into the indoor seating area, which follows a similar spatial language. The existing yellow Kota flooring was retained in most areas and patchwork of terrazzo was added organically where Kota was damaged.

The addition of terrazzo to Kota flooring was reminiscent of the incremental architecture style of India, where one can see the different layers that get added by different patrons throughout time.

Bamboo and Wooden Touch For Warmth and Coziness

A textured ceiling of bamboo and wooden beams adds weight to the softness of the indoor area.

The indoor space is segregated from the court and the staircase through semicircular arches that beautifully frame both spaces.

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Nanakshahi Bricks To Spruce Up CourtWalls

The courtyard walls are rendered in Nanakshahi bricks that used to be the main cladding material for rural architecture.

Terracotta pots in different sizes that were created by local potters are layered against the brick and they double up as wall washing light fixtures. 

Superb Bar in The Corner of the Court

The bar is another monolithic injection in one corner of the court. The bar surfaces (sides, roof and the back) are cladded in bamboo and plaster that blend in to create a uniform beige layer. The bar front is done in olive handmade glazed tiles juxtaposed against a subdued backdrop. The freestanding bar front creates an ethereal aura and dissipates energy into the somber space. 

Baba's is a contemporary vernacular take on Indian Dhabas whose vivid informal vibe is tweaked to create a purist semi-formal space but which is true to its culture and context.

Project Details

Architecture Firm: Loop Design Studio 
Lead Architects: Ar. Suvrita Bhardwaj, Ar. Nikhil Pratap Singh
Design Team: Ar. Harmeet Singh Construction Team: Karve Infra Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Chandigarh, India
Typology: Hospitality- Restaurant/Lounge 
Interior Design: Loop Design Studio
Area: 3700 sq. feet
Year of construction: 2021
Photography: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj 
Client: Manish Goyal, Ranjan Basu
Status: Built
Materials used: Brick, Mud Plaster, Hand made tiles, Steel, Processed Wood, Concrete

About the Firm

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