The Curved Walls In This Modern Restaurant Are Inspired By Painting Brushstrokes and Marble Sculptures | WAY Studio | China

The Curved Walls In This Modern Restaurant Are Inspired By Painting Brushstrokes and Marble Sculptures | WAY Studio | China

Envisioned and fashioned by China-based WAY Studio, ‘BIANCHI PLUS’, an Italian restaurant in Shanghai features undulating walls inspired by classic Italian elements such as painting brushstrokes, marble sculptures, food and nature. Once the visitors step inside, they can experience the sculptural gray walls and the texture of painting brushstrokes. The interiors are accentuated with an abundance of plants. Take a tour of this sculptural restaurant at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

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Located in Shanghai, China, the restaurant offers a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to the clients. Curved gray walls, plenty of greenery and muted furniture give it an earthy and elegant appeal. ‘From the sparkling interior design to the aromatic food, there is satisfaction for both visual and literal appetites, said the architect.

Fluid Atmosphere

Instead of traditional hard straight lines, the firm opted for curved walls to line the entire restaurant, which gives a more fluid ambience to the space. The main concept was to ‘inverse the position of sculpture and its surrounding space’.


That means the design encourages to see and participate actively instead of passively viewing. Not only walls but a large number of furniture, seating areas, planters and the decorative elements on the facade and mirror follow the same layered pattern for a more harmonious unified experience.

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Lighting Installation With Pops of Greenary

To further increase the spatial experience, the dining area also features a large suspended lighting installation inspired by the sparkling embers of a firewood flame. Meanwhile, green planters around the room and the muted furniture offer an outdoor oasis feeling to the visitors.

way-studio-restaurants-china-surfaces-reporterThe abundance of greenery in both the indoor and outdoor dining environment has become possible owing to the southwest orientation of the site. The greenery inside creates a calm and natural atmosphere. 

way-studio-restaurants-china-surfaces-reporterFurther, built-in wine rack displays alongside the existing columns create a semi-private dining area offering required privacy while adding a luminous touch between the tables. 

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