The Unexpected Circular Interiors of A Simple-Looking Red Concrete Building | Chile | Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Unexpected Circular Interiors

Chilean architects Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen have recently designed the university innovation center in Chile that has a simple multistorey building with unusual and spatial interiors. Located at the University of Bío-Bío in Concepcion, the INES Convention center is distinguished because of its unusual curved walls and circular voids in the interiors. Get to know more about this beautiful edifice at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

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While designing the INES innovation centre at the University of Bío-Bío in Concepcion, Pezo and Von Ellrichshausen said, “This is an apparently simple, stable and regular building that contains an unexpected and exaggerated interior”. 

Circular Voids of Varied Sizes 

The meticulously calculated geometries of the building give it a distinguished look. Circles and unique geometries are common in the firm’s several other projects including the concept given by the duo for a megastructure built from 100 overlapping circles.

INES also has circular openings in the centre of each floor offering vertical vistas through the building. It has 6-stories, and each floor looks different, as the proportions of the circles gradually change from floor to floor. The curved walls of the building create distinct rooms in all four corners. 

Each circular opening is sensibly positioned counterpoint to the horizontality of INES's concrete floor plates, allowing daylight to enter deep into the building's center while allowing that the corner rooms are amply shaded.

"This kind of virtual extension, specially visible at dusk, might be understood as the imaginary projection of the creative people who will occupy these rooms," said the architects.

There are semi-circular openings line up with the floor layout within the building.

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Uniform Materiality

The entire building is built from red coloured concrete, which can be seen from both outside and inside. 

"This is the world of innovation," the architects said continued, "a continuous, fluid and open space that conceptual and physically translates the creative processes of academic practice,” they continued.

The building has several different areas. Each floor comprises an open workspace and the central void allows to visually connect all these spaces.

Oak Lined in Corner Rooms

The corner rooms in the building are lined with oak that gives a unique feel to each room. These rooms are varied in size, making them apt for many occasions including, exhibitions, meetings, workshops,  or simply for storage.

Each room has windows facing in at least two different directions. 

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Project Details

Architects: Mauricio Pezo, Sofia von Ellrichshausen
Structure: Luis Mendieta
Consultants: Citec, DyLuz
Photo Courtesy: Pezo von Ellrichshausen
Source: Dezeen

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