Nature, Art and Innovation Meet in This Iconic Tower in San Jose, California | Habitat Horticulture

Nature, Art and Innovation Meet in This Iconic Tower in San Jose, California | Habitat Horticulture

To offer an artistic or architectural landmark to the largest city in Silicon Valley, San Jose, Habitat Horticulture has proposed Confluence Rising- an iconic tower in the city. The striking building celebrates the confluence of art, nature and innovation. The multi facility tower glows with programmable lighting at night and sunlight during the day. It encompasses an entry plaza and café that provide welcoming spaces for people. It allows the visitors to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views framed by lush green foliage from balconies at every level crowning in a roof-top greenhouse and observation deck. Various sustainable building materials and technology like mass timber, electrochromic glass, and bird-safe anti-glare solar panels integrated into the project to ensure net-zero energy design. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) is sharing below in details about the project. Have a look:


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Boundless Experiences

Located in a large city surrounded by rolling hills in Silicon Valley, San Jose- the project has become the cynosure due to its artistic design. The tower provides endless experiences to the visitors. On the top floors, the visitor can enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings.

The distinctive building displays different remarkable landscapes of San Jose and Silicon Valley, for instance, the fruit orchards of the mid-1800s to mid-1900s and the riparian corridor.

The eye-catching design highlights diverse plantings wonderfully integrated with the tower’s architectural walls and columns. Natural ecosystems are fixed to a higher space creating new homes for pollinators and birds.

Each tier in the building has areas for events, gatherings, private contemplation, and art exhibitions. Stairs and Elevators in the central core help to access different floors.  Confluence Rising offers an exceptional and enriching place of identity that will motivate and connect the people of San Jose, Silicon Valley and beyond.

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The surrounding landscape incorporates passageways through and alongside native riparian and meadow habitats with various outdoor areas apt for play, wandering, having a picnic, and other special events. Amazing living walls and cascading water purify the air, provide passive cooling to the spaces and shun urban noise.

Sustainable Design

Incorporating sustainable building materials and technology like mass timber, bird-safe anti-glare solar panels and electrochromic glass will lower carbon emissions while regulating solar heat gain and harness the sun’s energy in the right way.

Apart from this, use of reclaimed/recirculated water for irrigation invoke net-zero energy design principles.

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Confluence Rising glows at night with ecologically suitable programmed lighting that evokes natural pictures ranging from gleaming fireflies to flowing wave patterns.

Natural sunlight brightens the space and living walls during the day time.

The tower provides eternal experiences to the visitor as well as the environs connected with it.

Project Details

Project Name: Confluence Rising
Location: San Jose, California

Info and images Courtesy: Habitat Horticulture

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