650 Metre Spiralling Ramp Winds Up to the Top of This Helical Tower: A Must-See for Architecture Enthusiasts | Denmark

The Forest Tower by Camp Adventure: A Must-See for Architecture Enthusiasts | Denmark

Designed by Danish architecture studio EFFEKT, this 45-meter-high helical Forest Tower by Camp Adventure is Denmark’s largest climbing park connected with a 900-metre-long woodland walkway and 650-meter inner spiralling ramp. In terms of experience, it is certainly a second to none. Its top platform is 135 metres above sea level, making it the highest reachable point anywhere in ZealandSURFACES REPORTER (SR) has compiled important facts about this park and why it is a must-see for everyone, especially architecture enthusiasts.

Bibliophiles and design lovers alike will fall in love with the Starfield Library in Seoul, South Korea, located in Asia’s largest underground shopping center.

Located an hour’s drive south of Copenhagen, the tower allows you to see for 25 km across the South Zealand topography.


And on a clear day, one could see all the way to Øresundsbroen bridge and Malmo to the north as well as other parts of Copenhagen skyline.

An Attempt to Protect A Preserved Woodland

Camp Adventure Forest Tower in the Danish forest aims to protect a preserved woodland while allowing the public to experience its beauty. Copenhagen-based practice planned the public pathway so that disturbances and damage to the natural environment were minimised. 

forest tower

The key focus of the project was to engage visitors in the forest’s protection, encouraging them to stop and appreciate its magnificence.

900- Meter Long Boardwalk

The trip to the Forest Tower is a new and unique experience where you can enjoy nature from varied angles. Even tripping out to the tower is an experience in itself as it has a 900-meter boardwalk that weaves between several climbing courses, allowing the tourists or visitors to get the 360-degree view over the lakes, hills, trees and meadows.


The boards in this walkway are made from locally available oak, that suits with the surrounding pine, oak, and birch trees. The boardwalk has several platforms to rest and enjoy the surrounding views.

Stunning Architecture

For architecture enthusiasts, the Forest Tower is undoubtedly a “must-see”.  


The exceptional structure has won numerous awards, including a first position at the 2017 ICONIC Awards – the Visionary Architecture and Finale World Architecture Festival 2017 – even before its opening.


The structure is a hyperboloid shape, which is supported by an external framework of crisscrossing diagonal columns that extends from the bottom to the top.  To obtain the Tower's contoured hourglass shape, the long vertical weathering steel has been rotated, not bent, at 120°. The weathering still gives the structure a rust orange hue.

650 Meter Spiralling Ramp

The Forest tower has a 650 metre long inner spiralling ramp that winds up to the apex of the structure.


It allows you to experience the near Scandinavian boreal forest in a whole distinct way- at eye level and up close.


3 Amazing facts about the Forest Tower

1. The Forest Tower acquired first place at the International ICONIC AWARDS  2017 for “Visionary Architecture” and the German Design Council Award (winner of Best of Best in the Concept category),

2. It has also been ranked on Time Magazine’s list of “World’s 100 Greatest Places of 2019”, featuring the world’s best places that are most worthy of a visit.

3. Even it receives 50,000 visitors in the first two months after its opening.


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