Punes Tallest Building Coming to Bopodi- What You Should Know

Punes municipal administration approved the construction of four buildings,, ranging in height from 120 meters (approximately 33 floors) to the tallest at 160.5 meters (approximately 45 floors).

Pune's municipal administration approved the construction of four buildings,, ranging in height from 120 meters (approximately 33 floors) to the tallest at 160.5 meters (approximately 45 floors). These sanctioned buildings include two in Balewadi, one in Somwar Peth, and the tallest one in Bopodi.Read SURFACES REPORTER (SR)’s complete report below:

Urban planners emphasized that vertical expansion proves effective only when accompanied by adequate civic infrastructure. They stressed the importance of having proper drainage linesfire safety measures, and water supply systems in place before green lighting such projects. 

Vikram Kumar, the administrator of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), stated, "Approval was given after due consideration. A committee overseeing permissions for high-rise properties in PMC areas carefully reviewed all necessary requirements before granting approval."

Traffic Concerns

Planners also cautioned that without improved road infrastructure, the construction of high-rise buildings could lead to chaotic traffic in the city.

Regulatory Framework

According to the Unified Development Control and Promotion Rules (UDCPR), high-rise buildings are defined as those with a height of 24 meters or more above the average surrounding ground level. 

Urban planner Ramchandra Gohad underscores the importance of providing essential facilities to the growing population in high-rises. Simultaneously, architect Mitalee Nipankar emphasizes the necessity of vertical growth due to limited land parcels, focusing on structural design for seismic loads and the positive impact on green spaces and heat radiation.

The UDCPR mandates compliance with various requirements, including structural design, stability, geo-technical aspects, and fire safety norms, with responsibility placed on the owner/developer and appointed experts.

As per available data, the PMC administration has granted permissions for 41 high-rise buildings, with 17 of them exceeding a height of 100 meters. Kumar mentioned that provisions, such as the mandatory use of treated water at high-rise properties, have been included in response to specific requirements. Properties with more than 100 flats are required to have twin pipelines for better utilization of treated water, and recent high-rise approvals align with 24-meter-wide roads.

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