Sudaiva Studio Designs An Off-Centered Courtyard For This Urban Home in Bengaluru

Sudaiva Studio | Urban Courtyard Home in Bengaluru

Traditionally, a courtyard occupies the central space in a home, but in this urban courtyard home, the Bengaluru-based architecture practice Sudaiva Studio led by Vinay Mavinakere shifted the courtyard to either side of the house instead. Spread over an area of house 4000 square feet plot, the house ‘dubbed Unnati’ features an off-centered courtyard surrounded by rooms at varying levels. The firm looked to the conventional courtyard to get the answers for their design predicament.  The sensibly proportioned volumes augment the experiential sequence through the house. Additionally, the striking façade featuring an inclined RCC slab, clad with reclaimed natural teak wood accentuates its visual aesthetics. The architect has shared detailed info about the project with SURFACES REPORTER (SR). Take a look

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This is a special project designed for a client who had been following the firm’s work for a few years. Apart from the program and a few indicators for sizes of spaces (generous but as much as possible - more garden and less house), the design team was given carte blanche to experiment and create a unique design.


Off-Centered Courtyard Arrangement

Within the 4000 square feet plot, the plan resolved to a ground coverage of 60% of the built area, leaving out space for a generous courtyard and larger than usual setbacks.

the-urban-courtyard-home-sudaiva-studio-surfaces-reporterRiffing off the traditional Indian courtyard house pattern which features a central courtyard, the house has an off-centered courtyard surrounded by rooms at varying levels. The play of levels creates carefully proportioned volumes that enrich the experiential sequence through the house.


An intimate connection to the private courtyard from most rooms constitutes the introverted quality of the house, balancing the balconies and decks that connect it with the street life and verdant foliage outside.

the-urban-courtyard-home-sudaiva-studio-surfaces-reporterThe north-facing deck at the front sits atop the parking slab and accommodates a powder room. This space is accessed from the living room through discreet steps that are integrated into the sofa design.

Recycled Wood on the Façade

The formal expression of the house derives from the interior volumes, and the level differences are apparent from the outside, where the 14’ tall door and the 8’ high street-facing deck are seen together. An inclined RCC slab, clad with recycled natural teak wood runs across the front façade emphasizing the horizontality of the form.

the-urban-courtyard-home-sudaiva-studio-surfaces-reporter This is further highlighted through the gate design and the horizontal wooden slats included in the composition.

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Perforated metal sheets at strategic junctions in the façade act as counterpoints, balancing the warmth and solidity of the wooden elements.


A concrete surface finish used for some walls on the exterior is echoed in the interior, lending a rugged contrast to the fine finish of the white plastered walls, Italian marble floors, and natural wood.

Effective Fenestration and Skylights

Skylights together with the ample fenestration bring light into the house with a dappled quality filtered through the lush foliage.


The garden views from all the spaces within the house infuse a serenity reminiscent of traditional courtyard houses while accommodating a thoroughly contemporary and urban lifestyle pattern.


Project Details          

Project Name: The Urban Courtyard Home
Firm Location: Bengaluru, INDIA
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 6000 square feet
Project Location: Bengaluru, India
Program: Residential Architecture/ House
Lead Architects: Vinay Mavinakere
Photo Credits: Shamanth Patil J and Geeth Gopinath

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