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Saundha Gharaunda

Placed within a plotted development, very near to a National Highway in the city of Panipat, Haryana, “Saundha Gharaunda” is a simple house that resonates the characteristics of a very charming & humble couple who are about to embark upon retired life at a place they intend to call their home. Designed by  Delhi-based Studio AVT or An-V-Thot Architects, entire house is planned around a beautiful central open to sky courtyard that get flushed with sunlight during the day bringing inside ever-charming energy at all times. The architects shared with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) more about the project. Take a look:


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Outdoor Spaces Designs

Nestled within a 350 sq Yard Plot boundary facing the West Direction, the house is a simple house that breathes.

Rectangular Volumes in the Facade

Standing between two adjacent plots on both sides, the Front Facade greets you with warmth & simplicity. The Boundary finished with stacked Dholpur Stone, has a floating planter with multiple segregated MS Jalis to hold the climbers, embedded within a concrete frame.

Outdoor Spaces DesignsStaggered rectangular volumes add character to the Facade, dressed with a play of a double height Brick Jali, a semi-enclosed Terrace Garden & a recessed private balcony.

Outdoor Spaces DesignsRectangular pores of varied scale run throughout the facade, emerging as an inviting threshold between the Outdoor & Indoor spaces.

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Outdoor Spaces Designs

Central Courtyard- The Focal Point

In principle, this house's planning has an invert looking character, where the central open to sky courtyard becomes the focal point and every other space is planned around it.

Outdoor Spaces DesignsThis Moonlit courtyard in the night gets flushed with sunlight during the day bringing inside an ever-charming energy at all times.

Outdoor Spaces DesignsThe Court’s enclosure is made of retractable Glass & Aluminium Partitions, for it to become the indoors when needed or stay as an outdoor space within the indoors at one’s discourse.

Outdoor Spaces Designs


The entry to the house brings you inside a Foyer with a Powder Room enclosed within Brick Jali. 

Outdoor Spaces DesignsThe Foyer is then guided through linear lines on the Floor & the Ceiling, taking you to a formal Living Room, which then opens its arms wide towards the Central Courtyard.

Outdoor Spaces Designs

A raised Puja Sthal along the passageway sits between the formal Living Room on one side & the Dining Area on the other while glancing over the Court.

Outdoor Spaces Designs

A Family Lounge leading to the rear Lawn, is placed adjacent to the dining area. This floor also houses the Kitchen, a Staircase and a Master Bedroom with dress & a washroom.

Outdoor Spaces DesignsThe Staircase with a black & white story board on its wall, lands you onto a Bridge at the Upper Floor Level.

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Outdoor Spaces Designs

This L-Shaped Bridge leading to 2 Bedrooms for the 2 daughters of  the Couple as well as the Terrace Garden, sits within a Double Height Dining Area, Open to Sky Courtyard & a Staircase. A Kitchenette is placed at one end of the Bridge to cater to two Bedrooms & the Terrace Garden on this Floor.

The Terrace Garden

The Terrace Garden on the First Floor is a story with many characters, with each character playing its part to bring forth a serene experience.

Outdoor Spaces Designs

Design intentions to fragment the harsh sunlight & filter the South-West heat gain in order to create a pleasant environment, led to the creation of a variety of guiding pores for sunlight to remain in restrained capacity while giving shadows a sense of dimension.

A wall with Circular Punctures, Brick Jali Wall, Stacked Bamboo Sticks, Suspended Jali in MS Sheet and Champa Plants come together to bring comfort from Sun while forming a beautiful composition together.

Outdoor Spaces Designs

A hand-painted Artwork using Zentangle method onto a wall defining this terrace's stretch, cheerfully becomes the centre of attraction bringing youthful energy to the whole area.

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Vibrant Colour Palette

Splashes of Yellow, Peach & Orange onto intertwined circular patterns help to establish a sense of Joy amongst the inhabitants. The Terrace Garden on this Floor also has a beautiful & interactive relation with the Central Courtyard on the Ground Floor by being placed adjacent to each other.

Outdoor Spaces Designs

The complete house has a minimalistic approach for interiors so that focus is not diverted from courtyards & green spaces.

Outdoor Spaces Designs

These green spaces have a power to continuously change their nature because of sunlight & natural landscape.

Outdoor Spaces DesignsEvery day, every minute, the view in the frame changes, making it surreal & unaffected with the artificially done up, and keeping the earthen raw nature at its core.

Project Details:

Architecture Firm: Studio An-V-Thot Architects
Built-up Area: 2650 Sq ft
Completion: May 2019
Location: Panipat, Haryana
Design Team: Ankita Sweety, Pratyoosh Chandan, Ridhima, Gaurav, Shanmukh, Sujata, Tavleen, Abhinav
Client: Naresh Sardana
Picture Credits: Aadit Basu

About the Firm

Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt. Ltd. is a national Award winning Architectural & Interior design firm in Delhi initiated by Architect Ankita Sweety & Pratyoosh Chandan. Founded in 2010, the firm has taken up and completed several Architectural and Interior projects of varied nature, scale and sizes till now. 

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