LIVE | Ar Takbir Fatima, DesignAware in Conversation with Surfaces Reporter Magazine and WADE ASIA

Surfaces Reporter Magazine and WADE ASIA -Women in Design Architecture Art Construction Engineering as we celebrate Women Led Developments all this month. 

Takbir Fatima is architect, educator, entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker and Founder of experimental design and architecture studio, DesignAware, and the Fractals Workshop. She aims to give back to communities through socially-relevant projects alongside architecture and interdisciplinary design research. She believes design and technology should not be confined within the bounds of a single discipline or become the forte of a select few, and is on a mission to make design more inclusive and democratic. She works across built and natural environments, and real and virtual worlds.

Takbir Co-founded BuildAware (in the middle of the pandemic!) to streamline construction and fabrication processes and gain better control over the quality of built spaces.She is a part of the sustainable design and research initiative, ard and also design virtual spaces in the metaverse on UPWorlds.

Winner of several national and international awards, Takbir also serves as guest faculty in several universities which include CEPT Ahm.

Let us listen more from Takbir LIVE on Surfaces Reporter and WADE Asia.

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