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Design Salt Studio Creates A Minimal and Elegant Jewelry Showroom in Gujarat

Materialized by the team of Design Salt Studio, Anand, Gujarat – this 1000 sq. ft of retail space is an experience carved out of grace itself. Aevanta, for which the store is designed, is a modern jewellery brand, driving on the design factors of minimal, uber and everything chic. Designer Gopal Patel shares interesting details about the project with SURFACES REPORTER (SR). Scroll down to read:

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Design-salt-jewellery-storeNestled amidst the synthetic landscape of the city, the jewellery showroom is elegance embodied, like something displaced right off of the Upper East Side and landed on the busy and buzzy streets of Ahmedabad.

“The design draws a lot from the products and identity the brand puts forward to its customers. From the initial stage of conceptualization, we were aware that it couldn’t be just like any jewellery store, flashy and overwhelming, we had to bring out the meticulous minutiae of the products by downplaying the interiors but at the same time the design should speak of divinity and opulence, after all, experience does affect economics, says Patel.

Design-salt-jewellery-storeThis petite place is used to its most optimum, comprising a foyer, reception area, owner’s cabin, staff area with pantry and washroom, ample storage space, and just as much display. 

Major Challenge

“Our main hurdle was the envelope presented to us, the structure was heavy, visually. Especially the ceiling, the beams were very low and the design called for a sophisticated, simplified ceiling while maintaining a proportionate height, hence the plain white ceiling to visually blend the levels and make it look seamless-ish.”

Design-salt-jewellery-storeStylish Foyer Welcomes The Visitors

The shop opens to a modish foyer, a blissful buffer before the primary retail space. Defined by a fluted statuario stone panel, and the terrazzo pedestal with brass inlay takes centre stage, to its background is a well-lit niche cladded with graphic tiles, which are also laid in the flooring.


Terrazzo flooring and Textured Walls

The reception moulded of terrazzo running all over the store’s flooring makes the space seem collected and homogeneous. A brass signage of the brand’s name on statuario stone behind the reception gravitates all focus.

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All the walls follow a similar vocabulary of simplified luxury with textured grey surfaces and brass accents running throughout and the store terminates to a fluted statuario stone panel, standing through the total span of the store. 

Big on niches, the design sees multiple niches, manipulated as brilliant displays framed in gold. The island displays on the other hand follows the language of the reception; merging into the floor with terrazzo cladding paired with faux grey leather chairs. However, the central display console is a different story; custom made with fabricated metal legs and glass enclosure, accompanied by 8 Apollo pendant lights unapologetically takes the limelight.

Graphic Tiles in the Central Passage

The whole store stands on a humble terrazzo flooring, but the central passage encounters graphic tiles, laid out in a stellar symmetry, for what is a jewellery store without a little drama.


“Sufficient storage being a vital requirement of any retail space, was arduous to achieve, as the space was already used to its optimum capacity, so we landed to this creative solution of keeping low height storage units behind the primary display islands, keeping the volume less crowded and giving enough room for the representative to work and move freely.”

The store in its entirety is a refined retail experience for both the customers visiting and the staff working, aptly furnished to put the brand and its product at prominence, after all design doesn’t have to be obvious.

Project Details

Project Name: A Jewellery Boutique With Elegance, Elevated
Design Firm: Design Salt Studio
Project Category: Interior Design 
Project Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Project Size: 1000 sqft.
Project Status: Built 
Designer: Gopal Patel
Text Credits: Jyoti Patel
Photographer credits: Nupur Shah

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