Foster + Partners Designs New York City’s Largest All-Electric Tower For JPMorgan Chase with Net Zero Operational Emissions | 270 Park

Foster + Partners Designs New York City’s Largest All-Electric Tower For JPMorgan Chase with Net Zero Operational Emissions | 270 Park

The 1,388-foot new state-of-the-art global headquarters of JPMorgan Chase at 270 Park Avenue designed by Foster + Partners will be the largest all-electric tower with net-zero operational emissions in New York City. With its exceptional indoor air quality and carbon-negative features, the project surpasses the highest standards in sustainability, health and wellness. The 60-story skyscraper is defined by its innovative infrastructure, advanced technology and 2.5 million square feet of adaptable and collaborative space. Scroll down to get more information about this sustainable project in detail at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):  


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jp-morgan-global-headquarter-surfaces-reporterThe project is the first under New York City’s innovative Midtown East Rezoning plan, which encourages modern office construction and improvements to the business district’s public realm and transportation.

The new building will house up to 14,000 employees – replacing an outdated facility designed in the late 1950s for about 3,500 employees. It will offer 2.5 times more outdoor space on the ground level of Park and Madison Avenues, featuring wider sidewalks and a large public plaza on Madison Avenue with natural green space and other amenities geared toward the residents, workers and visitors who frequent the neighborhood on a daily basis.


The headquarters have a state-of-the-art health and wellness center that will feature fitness areas, yoga/cycling rooms, physical therapy, medical services, modern mother’s rooms and prayer and meditation spaces. Designing a large and modern food hall featuring diverse food operators and healthy menus as well as a world-class conference center at the top of the 60-story tower offering unobstructed city views and dynamic events for clients and employees.

Triple Pane Glazing Facade

The exterior of the building is wrapped in triple-pane glazing for reducing ingression of heat while the automatic solar shades are connected to HVAC systems for greater energy efficiency. Outdoor terraces in the skyscraper feature natural green space and plantings.


“Designing 50% more communal spaces and 25% more volume of space per person – giving more choices in where and how to work. Flexible column-free floor plates will allow space to easily change the layout and floor design, including inter-floor connections,” said the design team.

Iconic Landmark For Next-Gen 

The concept for the new design was to create a timeless addition to Park Avenue, which celebrates the city’s iconic architectural history and serves as a powerful new symbol for the next generation of office towers in New York. Using a state-of-the-art structural system to negotiate the site constraints below and at ground level, the innovative fan-column structure and triangular bracing allow the building to touch the ground lightly across the entire block.


By lifting the building about 80 feet/24 meters off the ground, it extends the viewpoint from the Park Avenue entrance through to Madison Avenue.

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Sustainability Is At Its Core 

The firm incorporated various sustainability features while designing the project. For instance, all the workspaces are flooded with natural light and fresh air. The firm ensured doubling the amount of outside, fresh air and continuously monitoring air quality to improve the overall health and well-being of employees. The firm integrates biophilic design principles with an inclusion of wide use of natural plants and healthier furniture and building materials. In addition, to bring in 30% more daylight than a typical developer-led, speculative office building, the design team uses circadian lighting to minimize the effects of electric light and support a healthier indoor environment.

Reusing, Recycling and Upcycling of Wastes

Further, the architecture studio also recycled, reused or upcycled 97% of the building materials from the demolition – far exceeding the 75% requirement of the leading green building standard. Moreover, the project will be 100% powered by renewable energy sourced from a New York State hydroelectric plant.


Effective Integration of Advanced Technology 

In addition to operating on net-zero carbon emissions, the building will use state-of-the-art building technology and systems to ensure it operates as efficiently as possible. The building contains more than 50,000 touchless devices that will make it the most connected, data-driven high-rise building in New York City. The building features the use of Intelligent technology that uses sensors, AI and machine learning systems to predict, respond and adapt to energy needs. 


Further, the firm ensures the use of advanced water storage and reuse systems to reduce water usage by more than 40%. Using advanced HVAC filtration systems continually cleans outdoor air as it comes into the building, while simultaneously cleaning recirculated air.

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