A Sophisticated Home That Promotes Openness, Indoor-Outdoor Connection and Healthy Living | KAYZ Studio | Goregaon | Mumbai


An ingenious designer uses all available space or area to make an abode look stunning, elegant yet functional and comfortable. Khushnuma Patel and Ar. Kartik Patel, Principal Founders of KAYZ Studio are one of such architects and designers who with their innovative and clever use of materials create a benchmark of quality houses and memorable spaces out of blank corners. The brother-sister duo designed this apartment in the Oberoi Esquire in Goregaon, Mumbai is one of the impressive projects of their portfolio that give an essence of comfort and identity. The designers used earthy materials, a sublime colour scheme and incorporated nature in the interiors to encourage healthy and unencumbered living. To give a unique character to each room, they incorporated several innovative techniques. The firm shared more information about the project with SURFACES REPORTER (SR). Scroll down to read:

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Located in Goregaon, Mumbai, this beautiful residence by KAYZ studio is a perfect fusion of elegance and luxury yet offers a relaxing atmosphere to the inhabitant. The firm adheres to its guiding philosophy of giving an individual touch to the project while staying true to the owner’s style.Kayz-studio-oberoi-esquire-goregaon-surfaces-reporter

A Proper Use of Blank Corners

The empty corners in the home are beautifully filled with life and excitement. The firm moved a lot of walls to accommodate much more space. The room following the living space joins the living and the bedroom space, which is further supported by a glass partition and automated blinds.


The firm fashioned the kitchen with semi-precious granite stone.


They continued the same design style for the automated bar counter.


Sunlight Streams in The Airy House

The large windows allow ample natural light and air to flow in the spacious interiors. The firm ensured that the living area has maximum seating along with free floor space for unobstructed and easy movement.


The interiors were conceptualized to promote healthy living by emphasizing the sense of freshness and tranquillity reflected in natural surroundings.


Each space embodies a different character, whether it's a trendy study room, a chic master bedroom, or a playful kid's room.

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About the Firm

K A Y Z Studio is a multi-faceted design practice, based out of Mumbai, spearheaded by Khushnuma Patel - principal Interior Designer, with the assistance of Ar. Kartik Patel (Big B). The Firm has conceptualized and successfully executed various versatile projects in the field of interior design and architecture. The primary objective of the firm is to cater to its client’s desires and measures the success of each project based on the client's satisfaction and not the value of the project. The brother-sister duo follows similar design, detail, spatial, aesthetic, and execution philosophy which make the exterior and interior design of a project blend in homogeneously creating a perfect ying-yang combination. With this strong combination, K A Y Z Studio has been able to competently guide their clients, through precise interior solutions, keeping in line with regulations and structural complexity.


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