Odiseo Gastronomic and Leisure Center Features Europes Largest Overhanging Pool | Clavel Arquitectos

Odiseo Gastronomic and Leisure Center Features Europes Largest Overhanging Pool | Clavel Arquitectos

The Spain-based architecture firm has built Europe's largest overhanging pool that cantilevers from the new Odiseo Gastronomic and Leisure Center in Murcia. The 42-metre-long dramatic swimming pool has 20m of cantilever on each side, and it offers users breath-taking views over the city. Sprawling over 15,500 m2, the building contains a nightclub, two restaurants, a performance hall, a sports bar, a casino, and two parking levels underground. Read more about this stunning project at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):


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odiseo- Europes Largest Overhanging Pool

The building is situated in one of the main entryways of Murcia city, surrounded by highways where one can only notice billboards and signs of shopping malls and other businesses.

odiseoHowever, the building makes it perceptible without appealing for external sign poles that allow visitors to enjoy it in motion and from a 360-degree angle.

The Overhanging Pool

The building features an overhanging pool which will be positioned within a raised forest that is constructed to a height of 30 metres.

odiseo-food-and-leisure-center-spain-clavel-arquitectosA latticework of pipes circumscribes it to provide shade to the vegetation, together with the layers of water cascading from under the shadow to keep them cool and increase ventilation inside the building.


The project aims to enrich the sensory (comfort, reflections, textures, the sound of water) and psychological ( expectation, surprise, curiosity, amazement, smile, etc.) guests' experience. 

A challenging and complex structural design

The building is constructed externally by a two-level plinth, moderately moved from each other, creating a large terrace on its roof, where a restaurant pavilion is placed. A "totem" (a large grid of metal pipes supporting the building's signature board) appeared on it.

odiseo-food-and-leisure-center-spain-clavel-arquitectos Further, a cantilevered pool on both sides, supported by two central concrete cores, overhangs at the height of 22 metres.


A Blend of Textures and Warm Lighting

The interior of the leisure centre features extremely meticulous design creating unique worlds.

odiseoThe Mediterranean theme is followed in the entrance point, which also directs its kitchen. At the same time, Greek mythology is its most vital representation.

Odiseo Gastronomic and Leisure Center

The centre features several soothing textures of gold, bronze, woods, natural fibres, velvet, artisan ceramics and much more harmonised well with deeply warm lighting.

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The building constructed has relied to a great extent on local works and artisans. It is a wonderful project that combines nature, architecture, and communication to bring vitality to Murcia, which was severely impacted by the economic crisis. 

Project Details

Location: Spain
Architecture Firm: Clavel Arquitectos
Area: 15494 m²
Year: 2020
Source: https://www.clavelarquitectos.com

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