The Yibin Science and Technology Museum by TJAD Characterizes Overhanging and Rising Facade| China

Yibin Science and Technology Museum

China-based Tongji Architectural Design (TJAD) firm has designed a scientific research centre- dubbed- Yibin Science and Technology Museum- in China's national Sankian new area. Built over 28000 m2, the Museum eliminates the sense of floor with its four wings that overhang and rise, signifying the rapid development of science and Technology in the area and resonating the undulating Longtou mountains.  Some functions of the building are semi-buried underground to control the volume and cost of the building. Riffle through more interesting features of the project below at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

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Yibin Science and Technology Museum

Nestled at the Bank of Baishayan in the southwest corner of the city, the Museum opens a new window to the world with its innovative design.

Four Sides Adduction

The Chinese firm created the building in four directions to enlarge the open space of the city. These four directions include- the bus drop off area in the west, the entrance square in the south, the freight yard in the north, and the sunken court in the East.

Yibin Science and Technology Museum

Black and White Contrast

The bottom of the building is black stone, while the upper part of it is a white aluminium plate.

Yibin Science and Technology MuseumThe black and white colors match not only the features of the science and Technology Museum but also fusions with the adjacent blue and green environment. 

Semi-Buried Parts

The main entrance floor of the building is 1.5 meters higher than the South Science and technology Avenue, which is joined by a gentle slope of 5%. The down and up to elevations are done to manage the cost and volume of the structure.

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Yibin Science and Technology Museum

Evacuation Stairs

The firm also added several stairs for outdoor evacuation to ensure the overall continuity of the exhibition hall. These staircases are organized near the North external wall.

Yibin Science and Technology MuseumThe whole look adheres to the narrow and broad rhythm of the south facade glass curtain, and the narrow glass is ingeniously removed to make it an outside evacuation staircase.

Yibin Science and Technology Museum

Four Floating Wings

The building features four hovering and rising wings that merges with the background and exclude the sense of floor. Further, it signifies the ongoing development of science and Technology while also reflecting the rippling mountains.

Yibin Science and Technology MuseumThey also create an indoor cross floor moving line to reach the terrace by climbing up the stairs and entering the second-floor exhibition hall to enjoy the beautiful views.

Yibin Science and Technology Museum

A perforated aluminium plate is used to create a gently curved slope top in the fifth façade of the building. 

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Materials Used

The overhanging part is more than 10 meters on the south side of the court, which is 'suspended under the steel frame of the roof through the double steel columns with an outer middle distance of 720.'

Yibin Science and Technology MuseumTo properly hang the transparent façade, the firm used double steel columns as the vertical keel of the vertical visible and horizontal hidden glass curtain wall.

Project Details

Location- Yibin, China
Architecture Firm: TJAD
Area: 27456 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Yuan Ma

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