LIVE | Surfaces Reporter Designer of the Week - Mr. Manish Kumat, MANISH KUMAT DESIGN CELL, Indore

LIVE | Surfaces Reporter Designer of the Week - Mr. Manish Kumat Founder and Chief Designer, “MANISH KUMAT DESIGN CELL”, Indore | 19th July | 5PM 

Established by Mr. Manish Kumat in 1993 after completing his post-graduation from the School of Planning & Architecture Delhi in 1990. Manish Kumat Design Cell is also the founder chairman of Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) Indore.

"A designer always takes inspirations from nature, perhaps the greatest designer is GOD himself. I appreciate beauty in its any manifestation, observe it, and try to learn from it. The stillness of mountains, forests and rivers ever fill me with calm and peace," he says...

WATCH Mr. Kumat talk about his journey as a designer, favorite projects, materials and much more with messages for the younger generation and the industry as a whole.
WHEN: 19 July (Monday), 5:00 PM
WHERE: LIVE on Surfaces Reporter Youtube

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