Shabnam Gupta | Designer of the Week | SURFACES REPORTER | Vertica Dvivedi

LIVE with Shabnam Gupta, designer of the prestigious homes of #IrrfanKhan #KangnaRanaut, #ParineetiChopra and the brain behind some of the most prestigious projects and offbeat interiors across India.

An award-winning interior designer, Shabnam started out small with her big dreams in tow. But clarity has always been her forte. Be it in her arresting design and interiors now, or at the tender age of 16 when it was clear to her that she was destined for design. A spectacular journey later, her incredible body of work that includes interiors, styling, and decor for celebrity homes, popular restaurant chains or even stand-out individual spaces, speaks for itself. And it speaks of the visual delights she has created, the originality that flourishes through her design and how she is intent on creating timeless stories, one exclusive and artistically endowed space, at a time.

Here for SURFACES REPORTER Designer of the Week, a popular section, Shabnam Gupta is in conversation with Vertica Dvivedi, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine

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