Indian Architect firm erect first ever residential steel building in just 8 days | Pooja & Piyush Associates, Aurangabad | Surfaces Reporter

In a move that will encourage faster construction activities with minimal environment impact, Ar Piyush and Pooja Kapadia has designed a residential steel building in just 8 days. The house is built with Steel & Concrete Composite Structure unlike traditional RCC structure where all steel columns and beams are nut-bolted and assembled together on site.

Reinforced concrete is casted on top of profiled steel decking sheet which acts as form-work, as well as acts as external reinforcement.

The main framework of building with steel columns and beams was erected in only 2 days while the concreting of all the 3 floors was done in a single day which is a record in itself.

The entire process of construction is very Speedy, more Accurate adding to the quality and strength of the building. Ar Piyush Kapadia has already experimented this structure while building his own residence which is awarded as first Residential Green Building with Platinum Rating in rest of Maharashtra by IGBC in 2017.

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