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#MeTooEarth | Environment friendly Wooden Cladding & Coatings by Span Floor | SR Product Post

While mad destruction of forests can be considered a major reason for the climate change and degrading soil quality. Major players in the wooden ...

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#MeTooEarth | Projects & Innovations that will inspire you | World Environment Day Campaign by SURFACES REPORTER

Environment is one of the main concerns of SURFACES REPORTER (SR). We always strive to bring out the most unheard stories of sustainable design a...

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#MeTooEarth| Sustainable Design for Masses|5 days- Satsang Event, Rajkot | Studio 919, Ahmedabad, Gujarat | World Environment Day, 5 June, 2021 | SR Eco project

Studio 919 Architects planned a 5 day Satsang event in Rajkot Gujarat having sustainability at its core. On the occasion of World Environment Day...

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#MeTooEarth| A building with microclimate| Marwah, Jalandhar | World Environment Day, 5 June, 2021 | SR Eco project

With its own micro climate, project Marwah signifies a little paradise amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. This is a part of SURFACES REPOR...

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#MeTooEarth| Organic interior with limited budget| The Rustic Home, Pune | Silhouette Architects & Designers | World Environment Day, 5 June, 2021 | SR Eco project

Designed with sustainable materials in a defined budget, The Rustic Home shows that creativity and design is not dependent on money. Beautiful ye...

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