#MeTooEarth | Environment friendly Wooden Cladding & Coatings by Span Floor | SR Product Post

While mad destruction of forests can be considered a major reason for the climate change and degrading soil quality. However, there is no denial to the beauty and benefits of using wood in the construction. Therefore, major building players in the wooden flooring and cladding industry have adopted measures to source their raw materials aka wood from the legally harvested forests. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) as part of the #MeTooEarth campaign showcases on such cladding by Span Floors.

A Multi unit residential development, this beautiful project is located in the heart of South Delhi surrounded by lush greenery. The client demands were simple yet tough. They needed to clad the facade ceilings with natural wood but it should not have the usual brown tones seen everywhere. The building was being designed as a minimalist yet not Spartan feel. It had to attract attention by it is simplicity rather than in-your face opulence. To achieve the project objectives, the wood had to remain stable - no warping or deformation, had to be very low maintenance being a part of a multi unit, multi owner building where agreeing on the timings and frequency of common areas maintenance can be a challenge, it had to be able to resist the common insects such as termites and fungus easily and last but not least, the origins of the wood had to have impeccable environmental credentials.

Wooden cladding
Te Ara a Tawhaki vulcan screening in sioox abodo wood

According the brand, "the wood gathered by Span Floors comes from legally harvested sources with stringent third-party certifications as proof. The materials used in the production process are selected based on strict requirements for ecological safety and finished products are regularly tested for formaldehyde content."

Proposed solution

Span floors Vulcan wood cladding collection by Abodo was offered as a solution. According to the brand, “Vulcan cladding, made in New Zealand, despite being 100% natural wood, has been improved considerably by a patented, state of the art process known commonly and broadly as wood modification. Made from FSC certified locally sourced Radiata Pine and then further improved through state of the art proprietary processes, Vulcan can easily handle the conditions we typically have in India, such as high heat, high humidity, rainfall, insects and outdoor pollutants as has been proven in the ground in India.”

Wooden cladding
Sioox Panel Auckland

Additionally, due to the very low maintenance requirements and a fresh appeal, Span floors ultra low maintenance coating Sioo:x was proposed. About the coating, the brand says, “Made in Sweden, Sioo:x turns the wood surfac+e in a beautiful silver grey patina very similar to naturally weathered wood, only more beautiful, accelerating the process that may have taken some years to develop. Moreover, this coating ensures that the weathering is evenly distributed no matter the exposure to sun and rain. Sioo:x is 100% natural with no harmful chemicals or additives that are released into the environment. Not only it has wonderful aesthetics, it’s two step formula deeply penetrates the wood deeply and forms a natural silicone matrix inside the wood and further strengthens and protects it, as well as provides surface level protection from the environmental factors such as sun and rain.


A modern building with a very fresh wood aesthetic came out. Due to its unique colour, the building stands out from the neighbourhood and turns a lot of heads around by passerby’s. The Client is delighted by the overall look and feel of the project and do not have to worry about the usual issues that a homeowner using wood on a building facade faces. Another wonder of modern technology!


Wooden cladding
Villa Moelven
Wooden cladding
Villa Moelven

Mr. Satinder Chawla, Managing Director, SPAN FLOORS adds, “All wood for outdoor use, be it cladding, decking, garden furniture, pergola or fencing must be treated to withstand weather and wind. Most often this is done using oil, paint or film forming finishes which can be time consuming and expensive due to increased maintenance frequency or effort. Sioo:x Wood Protection is a much better solution to this problem. With Sioo:x protective wood treatment on your deck or facade, you get a water-repellent and vapor-permeable wood surface that slowly turns to a beautiful silver-grey, lasts long and is soft and pleasant in terms of look and feel.”

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