#MeTooEarth| Sustainable Design for Masses|5 days- Satsang Event, Rajkot | Studio 919, Ahmedabad, Gujarat | World Environment Day, 5 June, 2021 | SR Eco project

In the temporary structures, the element of sustainability is often nil. However, proving it wrong, Studio 919 Architects planned a 5 day Satsang event in Rajkot Gujarat having sustainability at its core. On the occasion of World Environment Day, as a part of #MeTooEarth campaign SURFACES REPORTER (SR) takes you through the project:

The brief was to plan Satsang event for janma Jayanti in Rajkot. It was a 5-day event, opened for public from all over the world. The event contains various activities for all age group like Satsang hall, Play area, Theme park, Food court, Amphitheatre, Accommodation, Installations, etc. While planning, responding to the context, came the idea of the culture and social element of Rajkot can be used which would act as platforms for different elements provide space and surface for varied installation in art form to be exhibited, making the space more vibrant and ornamented.

Central Plan

Focused on complete pedestrian experience, the layout is zoned in 5 parts- Parking, entrance, Satsang hall, Children park and Theme park, Food court and Accommodations. While planning, the main aim was to zone the area according to the connectivity and convenience of the requirement given by the client. Structurally, the built structure includes hall and pandals which was planned in the modular grid system.

There were nodes and open space which was used as open exhibition of traditional Rajkot lifestyle through various art and installation. The installations which were designed were thought of how fast can they be built within less amount of time.

Designed on the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse and reform, built with locally available, economic and recyclable material. With the concept, major concern was that of a temporary yet sturdy structure that could be moved to different location if needed.

Installation- Bamboo Tree

The satsang with the goal of spreading peace, harmony and ultimate bliss to the world through the science of Akram Vignan - the science of Self Realization. The tree represents peace, as the trunks bend without breaking. With their striking spare shape they represent new beginnings. It also represents intuition and inner strength and balance and promise in your life. Taking this concept ahead, the architect break down the parts of the tree to make the installation and having the meaning of what tree is in life.

As bamboo was available in the local area, made it the material for this structure as it can be sturdy against wind, can easily bend to make this form can be reused again and can be shifted easily when needed. The structure height is varied between 10’ to 20’. It is made of 2.5’’ thick bamboo pole and supported and tied by MS frame from inside. The bamboo cost 60/piece.

Installation- Clay Leaf

Taking leaf as the second element, the veins of the leaf is replaced by the composition of terracotta tawa which is eco- friendly and bio - degradable. This installation is located at entrance and serves as the backdrop for the deity. The hard board is used as the support for the tawa and it is nailed on plank.

Installation- Children Park

Spare tyre was brought from the local garages to make various playing elements for the kids. To make it more attractive for kids, tyre was painted with a character.

Installation- Water Bottles reuse

Other Installation

Use of local crafts & vernacular elements of saurastra were widely used for the decoration purposes. 

PROJECT SIZE: 1,200,000 sq.ft.



About the architect

Studio 919 Architects is a multidiscplinary firm led by Ar Devdutt Pandya and Shaily Shukla- Pandya. The firm has accompalished over 350 projects of varying scale and nature in the field of Master Planning, Residential & Housing Development, Industrial & Institutional Projects and Recreational & Commercial Developments.

About SURFACES REPORTER's #MetooEarth Campaign on World Environment Day

As part of our ongoing activities towards promoting environment friendly sustainable initiatives, SURFACES REPORTER has started the #MeTooEarth Campaign showcasing selected entries received from people with innovations, initiatives,  designs, projects, products and activities from around the design world that inspire and take one step forward towards a eco friendly, sustainable future for all. Keep Watching this space..

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