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Motherhood can be a joyous occasion in a woman’s life. But it can be an overwhelming experience too. The founder of Design Foundation- Sparshishares her journey of managing work, a pandemic and the beautiful escapade of childbirth. Sparshi Gupta who is a designer and runs the Design foundation explains SURFACES REPORTER (SR) how important it is for everyone to accept the changes that life brings. From being a career-oriented woman to a full-time mother and entrepreneur, the change is not an easy one she says. This story is a part of SURFACES REPORTER's campaign in association with WADE ASIA where we invited women in Design to share their inspiring stories from 2020. 

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It was all that was going perfect in her professional life. She seemed to have planned it all with regards to her personal and professional life. But life planned it in some other way, her husband had to visit the UK for his project which meant that she would have to manage by herself.

This was just a few weeks before her delivery. Although she was not prepared, she sailed through it, with support from her immediate family and good network. Sparshi also reiterates the importance of a good support system.

She explains how networking helped her balance both aspects. At home, she had her sister and mother to help her, while at work she found solace with some old clients. Her friend circle also helped her pick up new projects to a great extent.

Juggling through the chaos

Sparshi expresses that it was hard to find her way back into her work life. Although work had always been a significant part of her life, she struggled as a young mother. Since designers need to stay updated, adapt faster and deliver more; the struggle was harder.

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Her work and infant both required her maximum attention. This is when she understood the importance of multitasking. Sparsh also describes the vitality of this multitasking in seeking inspiration. She says that with her growing responsibilities she began to find inspirations everywhere.

Be it sitting on her desk, or designing her baby’s crib. This also made her see Art in a new light.

Sparsh expounds that art is a form of communication. She learnt to communicate this art through various mediums such as social media.

In the end, she believes that all struggles are not struggles rather some are blessings in disguise.

Sparshi’s story of balancing a new identity into the corporate world tells us some vital points applicable to all of us. The first is the inevitability of change and the ability to accept it. The second would be to learn from our struggles. And lastly to bank on people you trust!

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