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Jui Patil-Women Architects in India

We all have heard sayings about the power of positive thinking. While it is easier said than done, Jui Patil- owner of JR architects- explains us how she kept going through this tough situation. Jui describes her journey through the coronavirus pandemic and how she kept her positive attitude alive even during hard times. This story is a part of SURFACES REPORTER (SR)'s campaign in association with WADE ASIA where we invited women in Design to share their inspiring stories from 2020. 

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Jui mentions how difficult the initial days of lockdown were for everyone around her including herself. Although she accepts that the situation was an arduous one, but she states that her spiritual side has taught her patience and calm. Both these traits helped her to always see the brighter side of situations. Jui tells us that even during these unprecedented times she counted her blessings such as fewer liabilities like maintenance bills and staff salaries.

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All through this mediation and enhancing spiritual practices helped her adjust to the new routine in a better way. She explains how the absence of household help and a lack of outdoor routine was a big change to accept. And as if it was not enough, most of her family fell sick and she was the only one to take care of them.

Few of them were even hospitalised. But she kept her head high and reminded herself that it was all transient.

The positive side of the pandemic

With so much going around, Jui states that she was impacted too. But she rejoiced in the time she got at home. She expounds on how lovely it was to spend time with her pets.

She has both cats and dogs as pets who could spend more time with. She used most of her time, designing ongoing projects, researching about design and checking out works of good designers.

She focused more on goal planning, organising the operations and improving the creative functioning of the brain. She also gave online lectures as part of her job as a visiting Interior Architecture faculty.

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She also utilised her spare to focus on new ideas. She took part in an international competition to design a Pandemic planned city. This helped her get innovative ideas such as Ayurveda in Architecture. These activities kept her engaged and happy during difficult times.

Jui reiterates the importance of positive thinking and the law of attraction. Which she believed helped her get work immediately after the lockdown. She goes on to say that.

Instead of sulking over a situation like the pandemic, everybody must just make the best use of time and keep their minds calm with an understanding that all are sailing in the same boat. Her motto is loud and clear -Nothing is permanent and there is a silver lining behind every dark cloud.

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