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Story of Misha Khana, a design enthusiast and YouTube

Being shy sometimes becomes the biggest blow that one could ever face in their lives. There are often so many things that remain unsaid and undone whereas there are also matters that remain unresolved. Getting out from under this stone of solitude where you were pushed by your fear and anxiety is usually pretty hard but then again, it isn’t impossible if you really get at it. Misha Khana, a design enthusiast and YouTube creator by profession, shared with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) her inspiring journey during the campaign where we in collaboration with WADE ASIA invited women in Design to share their inspiring stories from 2020. Read Misha's journey from a reserved designer to a proud HOD of INIFD and a successful youtuber:

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If you are working on something that you are really passionate about fear of failure simply wouldn't hold you back," said Misha Khanna who has come a long way in her life. Throughout her childhood and early years of adult life, Misha Khanna had always been a connoisseur of solitude, and so was the view of her family, teachers and peers as well.

She was always highly reserved even so was reflected by her last name over Facebook "Mesha Reserve". With time and the help of love of her profession and her passion, she was able to slowly slip out of these shadows but, it wasn’t an easy ride.

The Turning Point

During the year 2008, she started out her career as a designer working alongside architects, other fellow designers and even contractors. Slowly but steadily, she started to gain confidence in her ability as a designer and in the meantime also started freelancing, completing a wide array of projects across various different places in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and most recently in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

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In the year 2009, an advertisement on the Zoom channel caught her eye with the concept of an upcoming reality show with the concept of a Designing reality show and soon after cleared the first round ultimately becoming one of the top 12 participants from Delhi. This being one of her first interactions with the camera.

This journey blessed her with some cherished memories and she has something inspirational for the upcoming architects "This is the only field where one can stop working whenever they desire to, but work won't stop if you are good at what you're doing."

A Fresh Challenge

Soon after her marriage she moved to a different city having to leave all of her former clients and teammates behind in Delhi. And indeed, this was challenging to move to an entirely new city and start from scratch but she isn't one to give up and today proudly stands as the HoD of the Interior Design Department at INIFD, Hyderabad and alongside has a YouTube Channel which goes by the name "Design by Misha".

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Her work has even transgressed borders being of the few to be called to present an academic journal revolving around the topic of “How the art of teaching can create an impactful entrepreneur” and also left being honored with the "Best Presentation Award"

Going The Distance

Though she describes herself as a foodie, in her words "I had never cooked a day in my life before I got married. But that didn’t stop me from learning." To add this skill to the collection she spent countless hours on YouTube learning to cook her most savored dishes. She hates self-praise but a few years down the line she honed this skill to the extent where she won a cooking contest organized by Sneha Chicken and later flaunting her picture on a billboard in Secunderabad making her their Brand Ambassador which to her was a dream come true again.

Having achieved all of this she had a few words of gratitude "I consider myself successful as my family feels proud and my students feel inspired by my journey. I feel that one can learn more from failure than from success. If you are working on something that you are really passionate about fear of failure simply wouldn't hold you back."

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