5 Alibag Homes That Emulate Luxury Green Living

5 Alibag Homes That Emulate Luxury Green Living

Nestled along the scenic coastline, Alibag is becoming a haven for luxury homes that not only embrace opulence but also prioritize sustainable living. Moreover, over the past few years, Alibaug has become a hot favourite destination for celebs, NRIs, and HNIsSURFACES REPORTER (SR) takes you on a virtual tour to some of the most beautiful homes in Alibaug, surrounded by greenery and stunning views. These homes show how you can live in luxury while also being kind to nature in this charming coastal town.

Pinakin Patel’s Prive villa in Alibaug

In Alibaug, Pinakin Patel's Prive villa stands as a testament to genuine and thoughtfully crafted design. This expansive vacation villa seamlessly integrates contemporary and cultural elements, adhering to Vaastu principles for optimal orientation. Rooted in an essentialist philosophy, the villa showcases a sophisticated aesthetic with a natural color palette, tailor-made furnishings, and intricately designed interiors. Utilizing local materials like Agra red stone and Astroturf enhances its sustainability. With five airy bedrooms, distinctive bathrooms, and thoughtfully chosen accessories, the villa reflects Patel's dedication to both refinement and simplicity. The outdoor area boasts a striking monochrome pool, marble statues, and curated artwork, embodying a luxurious yet mindful and sustainable approach.

Alibag House by Nari Gandhi

In the distinguished architectural landscape of Alibag, the red-brick house designed by Nari Gandhi emerges as a standout, akin to the late architect himself. Despite being adorned with the same clay tiles as its neighbors, the roof of this house stands out metaphorically. In crafting this home, Gandhi explored a diverse material palette, favoring burnt brick, stone, and wood while also incorporating elements such as metal, bamboo, leather, woven textiles, glass, shells, pebbles, and various plasters. The house, which took six years to build, features regular country bricks for the sturdy base and hollow, machine-molded bricks above, allowing gravity-defying forms. The gradual evolution involved layering elements and finishes, creating a truly unique architectural masterpiece.

Casa Feliz by ADND

Cocooned in nature, away from the hustle-bustle of a city in Alibaug, Mumbai lies Casa Feliz- a perfect tropical getaway that blurs the boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors. Sprawling over an area of 10,000 square feet, the villa features a clay brick facade dotted with perforations and pockets to allow natural light and air to seep in. Conceptualized and designed by Anand Menon and Shoban Kothari of ADND, the project, standing on a threshold, allows the dweller to shrug off all the worries of urban life and revel in the lap of nature. 

An Alibag Bungalow by Nozer Wadia

Sitting atop a hill in Alibag, this lovely home was initially created by Pinakin Patel, a local of Alibag. However, the house underwent a makeover, led by architect Nozer Wadia. Wadia didn't just fix technical issues like deterioration; he also considered how the residents live, and planned the space logically to make the most of it. The redesign aimed to bring out the best in the property. Wadia's plan included adding rooms, changing shapes, and making the house coexist with nature, allowing fresh air and natural light to flow through. A flexible timber deck around the pool and tall doors on the veranda let the space transform from a party area to a closed room with great views. There's also an outdoor dining area to make the most of the outside.

Palmyra House by Bijoy Jain

Palmyra House , located outside Mumbai along the Arabian Sea, is a 3000 sq ft. retreat amidst a functioning coconut plantation. The house was carefully built to fit into the natural surroundings. Instead of using machines, the team did everything by hand, from digging the foundations to crafting the wooden structure using local hardwood. The house has two wooden buildings facing each other across a pool, surrounded by palm trees. The walls of the house look like they're covered in a lattice net, but they're actually made from the trunks of palmyra trees, giving it a unique and beautiful look. The pool in the plaza between the structures offers a channel for swimming, with sea views to the west and palm-filled vistas to the east. Built with ain wood and palmyra trunk louvres, the house features handcrafted details like copper flashing, aluminum roofs, teakwood interiors, and black basalt exteriors.

These five Alibag homes serve as beacons of inspiration for those seeking the perfect blend of luxury and green living.


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