A Peaceful "Veranda on a Roof "With A Library, Pantry and a Terrace in Pune | Studio Course

A Peaceful "Veranda on a Roof "With A Library, Pantry and a Terrace in Pune | Studio Course

Kalpak Shah of Studio Course has designed this 'Veranda on a roof' of a 12 storey building of a duplex apartment located in Sopan Baug, Pune, Maharashtra. It is not an accidental space but a space that is intentionally designed to keep in mind the family and their requirement to have a special and tranquil space for reading. The veranda houses a library and a pantry, which extend into a terrace. The architect has shared with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) more info about the project. Take a look:

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The innovative concept of a veranda on a roof evokes an image of a welcoming social space meant for all. Traditionally, verandas have always been an integral part of our homes. However, in recent years, to a certain degree forgotten and disappeared.


A veranda was always an element central to making our houses into homes, an accidental space for long conversations, a place for one to relax and unwind. However, this is not an accidental place, an intentional one for the family who wanted a unique area to be added to their home. The space crafted out from their lifestyle, which revolves around books, food and plants.


The Reading Nook

The verandah was envisioned as a relaxing area for the family that comprises an open terrace, a part of which is covered to form a reading room and a pantry.


The reading nook has a bookshelf made out of fine wood. The furnishings are sparse, including only the bare necessities, which allows for free movement around the room and a sense of comfort to its visitors.

Design Details

The design intends a play on the senses as one approaches the place through a wooden staircase from the living room below.


The existing walls of the staircase were broken down, and roof was created to open up space and get a better connection.

Veranda-on-a-Roof-kalpak-shah-surfacesThis enabled us to make the veranda into an extension to the main house below while allowing the two levels to engage in a dialogue.

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Material Palette

Bold earthy undertones of the cement textured walls and Teak wood furniture are used to set the tone of this space.

Veranda-on-a-Roof-kalpak-shah-surfaces The roof library overlooks the terrace garden through a wooden glass panelled façade, which gives a notion of an enclosure that can open up completely, blurring the boundaries of the inside from the outside.


This uniformity of space is also accentuated by the use of natural materials like cement plaster, teak wood, granite stone and brass metal which span inside as well as outside.


The hand movement imprints on the cement plaster constantly give a sense of tactility of the process that has undergone to make its architecture.

Minimal Furniture for Easy Movement

The low-on-clutter, minimal furniture allows for easy movement. The library unit is designed to be understated in its form to reduce its visual impact consciously. For example, a metal staircase hung from stainless steel wires on one end and anchored to a wooden beam on the other leads to a storeroom above.


Here, the treads are designed to align with the shelves of the library unit perfectly. Similarly, many elements such as the door handle, door stopper, tower bolts, drawer handles are custom designed to follow this language with the notion to fade away.


Outdoor Cooking Area

The fully equipped pantry on the terrace continues to have the same language where the thrilling idea of cooking outdoors is explored. Walking on the gravel produces a sound that triggers the memory of being in the outdoors.

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The gravel floor is used in parts across the terrace to heighten this tangibility. A reading nook, which sits along with the water fall and a lotus pond within it, is a tranquil setting to indulge in a piece of literature with the garden partly screening it.


The veranda on the roof can not only overlook the exotic view of a racecourse but also be able to create a world within its own, where one can immerse and indulge in the pleasures of one's seeking. Veranda on the Roof turns as a refuge, where the shifting contexts have created new meanings.

Project Details

Project name: Veranda on a Roof
Architecture Firm: Studio Course
Principal Architect:  Kalpak Shah
Project location: Amar Renaissance, Sopan Baug, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Gross Built Area: 50 Sq.M
Photo credits: Hemant PatilProject Details

About the Architect

After earning bachelor in architecture from MMCA, Pune, India in 2010, he studied Masters in Advance Architecture Design from Stadelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt, Germany in 2013. He also practiced as an Architect with gurus like Christopher Benninger, of CCBA, Pune and Bijoy Jain, of Studio Mumbai, India between 2010-2015. After gathering such experience, he established the practice “Studio Course” in 2015.


Kalpak Shah | Principal Architect and Founder of Studio Course

About the Firm

Kalpak Shah founded Studio Course in 2015. Since the conception, the firm has been involved in several projects, working design to more levels of innovation and perfection. Their projects have been published in several international magazines. The firm is driven by this course attempts to create spaces that are of lasting value, functional, minimal and beautiful.

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