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Mid-Century home

A Mid-Century Modern Home Interiors by The KariGhars

This Mid-century modern home in Bangalore by the KariGhars perfects the narrative of a modern-day abode that is warm, eclectic & dramatic.

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Exquisite Bedroom Designs

Exquisite Bedroom Designs by Architect Aparna Kaushik

Explore a beautiful collection of exquisitely created bedrooms - gorgeous, quiet and restful.

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Sanjyt Syngh Unveils Exclusive Bedrooms

Sanjyt Syngh Unveils Exclusive Bedroom Designs

Each bedroom is an exquisite and detailed combination of diverse colours and materials.

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Aparna Kaushik Launches Exciting Kids Room

Architect Aparna Kaushik Comes up with Some Cute Designs for Kids Rooms

Explore some interesting kid room designs by architect Aparna Kaushik.

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