Hand-Carved Marble Tables by Duffy London Inspired From Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves, India

Hand-Carved Marble Tables by Duffy London Inspired From Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves, India.

Chris Duffy, the designer and founder of Duffy London, has recently come up with his latest collection of hand-sculpted marble coffee and dining tables called 'civilization' paying homage to the artistry and unrivalled beauty of the ancient temples and monuments. The designer took inspiration for creating the three tables named Kailasa, Petra and Hegra, comprising the limited edition of 'Civilization' range, from the Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves, Maharashtra, India; the Al-Kazneh Temple at Petra, Jordan; and the Qasr-al-Farid tomb in Mada'in Saleh, Saudi Arabia. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) shares below more information about the unbelievable tables hand-carved by the master craftsmen. Have a look:

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civilization tables-duffy-london‘Hegra’ in Green

Chris is a London based designer known for blending art and playing with the concepts of gravity, geometry and illusion in all his creatives.

civilization tables-duffy-london'Petra' in White

While designing his latest coffee and dining tables, he takes cues from the incredible human-made monuments that were hand-carved directly from the rock of their surrounding landscapes with the most intricate skills by master craftspeople.

civilization tables-duffy-london‘Hegra’ in White

Duffy says, "Our aim with the Civilization tables is to use the medium of sculpture—one of the oldest art forms, working with traditional materials, tools and techniques—to reimagine these incredible structures, and to create modern furniture designs which pay homage to their outstanding beauty as well as the artistry and incredible skills of the craftsmen that first made them."

civilization tables-duffy-london'Kailasa' in White

Each Piece is Meticulously Hand-Carved

The Duffy London team hand-picked a single block of marble and meticulously chiselled it using traditional techniques by master stonemasons. The miniature monuments are the result of several months of carefully hand-carving.

civilization tables-duffy-londonMaking of 'Kailasa'

Craftspeople used a range of specialist tools  to ensure not to miss the finer details. They also used Emery clothes and sandpaper to polish the stone, enhancing the natural sheen of marble.

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civilization tables-duffy-londonDetail of ‘Petra’ in Red
Once the carving work finishes, each table is fitted with a 160 mm elliptical polished-glass top, amalgamating both the old charm with a contemporary appeal.

As each table is hand-made, no two tables can ever be the same. This show the uniqueness of each table.

civilization tables-duffy-london‘Hegra’ in Black

Earlier as well, the designer created unimaginable pieces like the UP balloon coffee table that gives the feeling of a glass surface being suspended by balloons or a layered abyss table that imitates ocean depth or the swinging chair.

Customize your Table

The tables in the limited-edition range are made bespoke which means one can get a variety of coloured marble tables, including pure white, white and black, red, orange and rose-veined green as per their choice.

Making of ‘Kailasa’ Table

*Image Courtesy: www.duffylondon.com/

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