This Tiny Prefab Home, Made From Cross-Laminated Timber, Unfolds in 3 Hours | Brette Haus

This Tiny Prefab Home | Brette Haus

If you do not like to stay in one location, but still want your own home, worry not as Latvia-based startup Brette Haus has recently designed a small origami-like prefabricated house that can be installed or uninstalled in a matter of 3 hours and can be easily be packed up and transported whenever and wherever you want. Isn’t it amazing? SURFACES REPORTER (SR) brings more detailed info about the project that will astonish you. Read on:

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brette house

Unique Hinge System

The prefabricated house has a distinctive 100- Cycle hinge system that allows it to unfold easily into an instant  house, home office, or event space. The structure has a patented hinge system that folds the entire living area including roof into a tiny, cube shape for easy relocation.

Brette Haus

And when you want to set it up again, you can unfold and install it with a few very simple moves.

Brette Haus

Sustainable and Durable Structure

To make it sturdy and sustainable enough, the firm used cross-laminated timber in each unit that gives it a wooden look in the inner as well as outer side.

Brette Haus

The structure is totally carbon-neutral and weather-proof. Also, the company claims that their cabins use 99% less water and 80% less construction waste than standard site-but structures. There is no need for a permanent foundation, which eases the process for installation on even any levelled ground.

Brette Haus

The company grantees that the hinges on the cabin can survive up to 100 relocations.  Moreover, the buyer will also get optional add ons like solar panel kits and sewage modules, enabling you to live comfortably anywhere yet off the grid. 

Brette Haus


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The houses are available in a number of sizes and configurations (between 230 to 520 sq.ft. of space) like “Brette 20” house is 22 sq meter that provides space for three people.


You can fit a sleeping sofa, table and chairs in the ground floor but if you want more space, you can go for a Mezzanine that provides space for a bedroom for two. The Rustic, measuring around 237-square-feet, costs around $22,860 USD. However, to keep costs down, the company also offers standard options with a minimally finished interior.

Brette Haus

Did you like this tiny prefabricated home? Let us know in the comments. 

*Info and image couresy: Brette Haus

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