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There is a floor in this IT Office having all kinds of activities which are needed to complete an office to its fullest.

As we always fascinate about having some activities along with our daily work schedule, Surat-based STUDIO 17, headed by Ankit Sojitra and Mayur Mangukiya, has brought this fascination to the forefront. The firm has recently designed an IT office, a project extension of Coruscate, a software company located in Surat that consist of several activities to keep the staff super excited. There is a floor having all kinds of activities which are needed to complete an office to its fullest. Read here more details about the project shared by the firm with SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

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Refreshing Entrance


The steps start with the entrance having a green forest cover of refreshment zone, giving hints to the further activities. The main priority was always to provide the first look at our idle hours and then the working station.


Space offers a dynamic identity by combining indoor and outdoor games. The pantry area is set with the purpose of a warm feeling holiday in a valley.


Balancing Privacy and Connection

Privacy and expanse are two opposite words but the crucial perspective to keep in the office. Thus, there is a provision of small discussion in the entrance along with the movable partition to maintain privacy. An acoustical approach is also given in the ceiling, enhancing the component of privacy and aesthetics with its colours.


Connectivity in any space creates curiosity; the more you go inside, the more it builds up the excitement.
studio-17“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail” -Leonardo da Vinci

The similarity in both floors was shown by continuing the central station with all activities in the circumference. It divides coruscate into two areas, left and right from the entrance, both having different features and characteristics.


Mayur Mangukiya and Ankit Sojitra quoted, “The all-over space consists of many activities; we wanted to distinguish each space by its features through the different material used in the flooring.”

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A Twist of Basket Ball Court


Coruscate is the plaza starting with one corner having the replica of basketball flooring made by the pieces of mosaic tiles giving that space the twist of the basketball court as well as the levelled seating giving the impact of a cirque.


It can use for an informal staff meeting, personal working area, refreshment from the busy schedule, and many more.


Table Tennis Zone


Walking further to the straight pathway, a glimpse of vegetation on the sides and centrally aligned conference room also identified as table tennis zone comes into the vision. The straight aligned tables have different board games acknowledging that play is integral to learning. The wall art done on the sidewall considers the growth of a human in their working life-enhancing the motive by using keyboard keys.

Inspirational Column


Dead Columns on the sides are highlighted with the fantastic artwork and quotes written by “JULIUS CAESAR”, “SHERYL SANDBERG”, “ADA LOVELACE” and PLATO.

The Focal Point- Wide Working Station


The Wide Working Station is dictated as the main accent of the whole space having different leveled seating for the employee. As is said, any small plantation can bring the liveliness of the area back, it releases positive synergy all over the working space.


The flooring is mainly PCC work to highlight and distinguish the work station area from the office.

Minor Details Major Impact

it-office-studio-17It's a little detail that is vital

The back wall is amazingly highlighted with a hanged scooter and the root map artwork.


Every purpose has a story, and so does the scooter. It was the first element made by the company back In the year.


Apart from the playing area and work station, small meeting spots are provided with a low height wall replicating the term coruscate for an aesthetic touch.


All in all, beautiful artwork, flooring patterns and distribution, minimal doses of greenery and standard planning had made coruscate an adaptable place for everyone.

Project Details

Project Name: Coruscate IT Office
Location: Surat
Architecture Firm: Studio 17
Client: Coruscate Solutions
Text and Photo Courtesy: Studio 17

About the Firm

Studio17 was co-founded by Mayur Mangukiya and Ankit Sojitra in 2017. The Studio is a blend of dedicated talent, creative hunger & special human beings, a multidisciplinary tribe of dreamers driven by our creative. Studio 17 team always imagines smart concepts and crafts rich visuals to build innovative and impactful space experiences that aim to the client in wonderment.

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