This Green-Tastic Bamboo Lodge Incorporates Nature Without Destroying It | Yang Yongquan

Bamboo Lodge  by Yang Yongquan

Bamboo structures are incredible that need profound architectural and design prowess for a more refined and sturdy look. And this Bamboo Lodge in the Yibin City of Sichuan Province, China is an epitome of perfection, robustness, rustic and natural.  It is a unique and visually appealing bamboo office design meticulously designed by architect Yang Yongquan. The main idea of the architect was to incorporate nature without destroying it. Read more about this fascinating bamboo lodge at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

Bamboo Weaving in Interiors-bamboo-lodge

The architect's love for natural and rustic materials paved the way to conceptualise the design concept. Located in the oldest cities on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the Bamboo Lodge provides home comfort to the guests.


The architect's intention was to build a bamboo house that provides the comfortable stay to the visitors where they can relax and unwind to the rawness of the interiors and the surroundings while also carrying home treasured memories.


Before designing this, the architect spent enough time looking for other bamboo buildings, gathering as much information as possible about the design, processing and application of bamboo at home and anywhere else in the world.

An Ultimate Natural Feel


The architect's main purpose was to offer a tidy area; however, he was also of a belief that covering up the "dead" core may give it an unnatural and rigid appearance. So, finally, the architect decided to recreate a "skin" to express the concept of space. It gives an open, soft and natural look to the entire project.


For rebuilding the skin, the architect processed bamboo into sheets, plates and stripes. He heated the bamboo at a very high temperature and then soaked it in lime water.


Later on, he dried it in the shade to make it antiseptic, insect and mildew proof. To achieve the effect of eco-protection, the architect did not use paint.

Bamboo Weaving in Interiors


Varied textures of bamboo have been used in the interior to express the natural beauty of the space.  Bamboo skins and bamboo strips are used in the interiors like building blocks. The architect provided unique skin to the interiors by bamboo weaving in the arch forms.


The architect used original bamboo to design the top of the corridor, which looks like a shuttling through the time tunnel of bamboo forest. One can also notice the beautiful bamboo weaving modelling in the hall stairs where the shadow of the bamboo cast can be seen on the wall.


The whole project is created by using bamboo aptly and uniquely. The project sets an example to go back to the traditional culture while having a modern touch.

Project Details

Project Name: A Meticulously- Designed Bamboo Lodge
Location: Yibin City, Sichuan Province, China
Built Area: 1150?
Year: 2018
Architect: Yang Yongquan Architectural Design Office in Yunnan
Chief architect: Yang Yongquan
Interior Decoration: Li Yinxian
Main material: Bamboo\Bamboo grain aluminium alloy
Photo Courtesy: Wang Ce\long jun wu
Info and image Credits: Archdaily

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