Office made with cardboard | Studio VDGA | Pune | SR Design

Office made with cardboard | Studio VDGA | Pune | SR Design

In the era of expensive and exclusive decor element, Varsha and Deepak Guggari of Studio VDGA have done something unusal; using the abundant and often considered 'cheap' cardboard, have created the plush interior of this four level office. Check out the beautiful interiors of this office at SURFACES REPORTER (SR): 

A Well- Thought Design

Using the honeycomb cardboard extensively in interior including inner walls and partitions where usually bricks or glass are used.


According to the designer, technically, cardboard is as strong as any wooden partition. Without the need for any exterior coating or painting, it is as good as any wooden partition while being biodegradable, cheap and 100% recyclable.


The designer has artfully used the material in the interior of the office resulting in the undulation, textured walls that are at the same time look no lesser than a wall installation art with high on aesthatics. 

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Strength of the Design

With a nine inch thick wall layered with MDF, the cardboard hence used is providing greater accoustics along with temperature insulation.


Describing the structure, Deepak Guggari says, "our use of cardboard is not mere decoration or cladding. It forms a part of the structure itself, while reducing the dead load because it’s light-weight. It is commonly used in the shipping industry for pallets due to its high compression qualities and rigidity which can withstand impact and high loads. When we ordered the cardboard—specifying the glue as well as the colour of the paper—the manufacturer was quite taken aback to hear of our intended use. He had never seen it being employed in a creative manner.”

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The Process

Instead of cutting the boards through its nodes, the designer has sliced through the hexagonal surfaces to achieve a distinctive appearence. The time-consuming process of cutting and installing the layers of cardboard with accurate precision has been done by the local labour.


In the design, the workstations, conference zones and lounges are covered with free-flowing cardboard surface. Since the cardboard is creating a strong design statement, the other interior elements are kept subtle like raw ceiling with exposed ducts, brick walls, natural stone and micro cement concrete flooring etc.


Since cardboard is not fireproof, there is no wiring running through the walls.  

Text credit: Architectural digest

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