All-Concrete Facade of This Coffee Production Plant in Tbilisi, Georgia Is Topped by a Green Roof | Giorgi Khmaladze Architects

This Coffee Production Plant in Tbilisi, Georgia

Designed by Georgian architecture firm Khmaladze Architects, this coffee production plant in Tbilisi, Georgia has a monolithic concrete facade and a green roof. The building is L-shaped and is framed by concrete in a way that they produce double-curved geometry. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) takes you on a journey to this Coffee factory located on a strip of land nearby Georgican Capital’s airport. Take a glance:

A Monolithic Concrete Structure with No Visual Openings

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

Viewing from the highway, the coffee factory looks like a monolithic concrete facade with no visible openings and on the back side it opens up towards the unmanicured fields of pine forest.

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

Inside, all areas are properly arranged in a continuous unobstructed space partitioned by glass to for boundaries in between.

One way waffle slab of the concrete building spans up to 16 meters to create large unhindered spaces.

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

The Folded Concrete Walls Lifts to Form an Entry Way

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

The exterior concrete walls are double-folded, with insulation inserted in the center. And Giorgi Khmaladze Architects poured the layered walls in situ, choosing concrete because of its durability and aesthetic qualities.

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

At the front, these folded concrete walls lifts to frame an entrance leading the main lobby.the amphitheater-style stairs connects in the atrium, which has a front desk. As per the architects, the appearance of the building changes during the day because of the sun movement, producing a play of lights and shadows.

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

The numerous layers of concrete platforms in the atrium forms a waiting area for visitors and a space for hosting exhibitions.

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

The angled walls of the structure framing two planted courtyards in the middle of a set of planted lightwells that allow daylight and greenery to enter the concrete-walled interiors of the work and meeting spaces. All the interior spaces face towards the park.

Multipurpose Coffee Plant

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

The coffee production plant houses office spaces, a coffee tasting cafe, and an area for coffee exhibits. It is further complemented by a green roof, which allows the building to blend in with the neighbouring topography.

A Chair Swing and Pendant Lamps Hang From the Ceiling

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

Indoor stairs are covered with ferns and mosses.

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

The contemporary chandelier of pendent lights and a swing Chair hangs from the ceiling.

A Green Roof

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

The monolithic concrete structure is masked by the massive- 3,680 sqm -green roof planted with wild  grass. According to the architects, this lowers the impact of the structure’s footprint. The green roof is accessible to workers at the coffee factory through two terrace access areas. 

Concrete Facade and a Freen Roofs

The roof acts as an additional thermal barrier to the roof insulation. Architects kept roof undulation high where the factory machinery needs the space, but lower in other areas to form an interesting shape, both in the interiors and the exteriors.

Project Credits:

Architect: Khmaladze Architects
Design team: Giorgi Khmaladze (Project Leader), Tinatin Sherazadishvili, Anuki Khutsishvili, Maia Bagishvili Goshadze
Structural engineers: Capiteli, Cubicon
MEP engineers: Casa Calda
General contractor: Unix Development
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