Plywood Lines Every Surface of Shen’s New Beauty Store in Brooklyn | Mythology

Shen’s New Beauty Store in Brooklyn | Mythology

Nestled in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighbourhood, Shen’s new retail space in Brooklyn, New York is lined with plywood interiors by creative design studio Mythology. Spread over an area of 1,550 square feet, the entire surface of the beauty store is cladded with plywood. Have a look at SURFACES REPORTER (SR)’s complete report:

The former beauty store, which used to feature a combination of white and lavender-pink walls, was located in the vicinity of Carroll Gardens. The addition of stunning plywood in the new store enhances its look manifold.

Plywood in Every Surface

Manhattan-based design studio- Mythology- used Baltic birch plywood to line every surface of the Shen, which is known for selling a range of independent makeup and skincare brands. Weh

Ted Galperin, a partner and director of retail at Mythology said, "We challenged ourselves to use a singular material because we wanted to juxtapose a humble utilitarian material like plywood with the high-end products featured in Shens product offering.”

They used both the face and end-grain of the plywood to design a number of custom applications, and add visual variations to space.

The beauty store is also adorned with colourful hand-drawn wall murals.

Three Sections

The store is sectioned into three distinct components. The first part on the left of the store is dedicated to customer browsing. It contains a sequence of storage units that slope out from the walls.

Each of these storage units has a vanity mirror and shelving where products are openly showcased. The names of brands have been carved into the plywood panels placed directly above the units.

The second part has a couple of triangular plywood islands in the middle of the store. These are the areas where Shen personnel can tell customers about the detail of the products or spotlight certain items or show how they should be used.

The third section lies on the right-hand side, which is mainly designed for services like makeup tutorials.

An angled plywood counter accentuates this part by displaying candles and scents for the home. Just below it, you can see a 3-D plywood sign of Shen’s company logo.

A Splash of Colour

The dash of colour is added by a personalized mural created by the New York artist Petra Börner. It showcases green and turquoise tones.

Beauty treatment rooms where customers come for waxing, facials, and microblading lie towards the rear of the store.

It displays another mural by Börner that comprises pink and orange tones.

While the walls in the treatment rooms have a pinkish hue, the exposed plywood can easily be seen on the built-in sofas, beautician’s cupboards, and the floor.

Project Details

Design Studio: Mythology
Client: Shen
Built-up Area: 1,550 square feet
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Material Used: Plywood
Photo Courtesy: Brooke Holm.

About the Studio

Mythology is a privately held creative studio founded and led by Anthony Sperduti and partners Fernando Music, and Ted Galperin.

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