Darkened Wood Facade and Steeply Pointed Roofs Signifies the Sustainable Tree Houses by Peter Pichler Architecture

Tree Houses by Peter Pichler Architecture

The Milan-based studio Peter Pichler Architecture developed a concept for sustainable tree houses in West Virginia, which is the firm’s first project in the US. Showing resemblance with the project that has been designed for a mountain forest in the Dolomites of northern Italy, this new project is an addition to an existing luxury hotel and allows tourists to live in the mid of lush, deep-dark woods and connect with nature. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) brings you all the information about the tree house project that is scheduled to be finished in 2021. Take a look:

Range from 35-45 m² over 2 levels, the treehouses boast similar sharp pointed roofs and their formation echoes the surrounding maple, fir, larch, oak, and poplar trees.

Local fir and larch wood are being used in the construction process. While the stained black wood is used in the cladding of the structures so that they blend well with the surroundings.

“We believe that the future of tourism is based on the relationship of the human being with nature. Well-integrated, sustainable architecture can amplify this relationship; nothing else is needed,” as per the studio.

Solid Concrete Foundations and Structural Glass Walls

Each treehouse will have a small concrete base while the structural glass walls provide the necessary structural support. 

According to Peter Pichler Architecture, “We believe that the future of tourism is based on the relationship of the human being with nature. Well, integrated, sustainable architecture can amplify this relationship, nothing else is needed.”

Untreated Fir Wood For Cosy Interiors

The interior of the treehouse has lined up with untreated fir wood to warm the interiors and in contrast with the facades. Each of the treehouse has two levels. The upper level or floor of it comprises a bedroom space with a small bathroom while a small reading and lounge area covers the lower floor. A small internal staircase connects the lower part to the upper one.

Floor-to-ceiling windows on each level allow the visitors to enjoy the maximum views of the breathtaking surroundings.

Further, each tree houses are oriented so they overlook the rear of another treehouse from their floor

These houses also include rainwater harvesting tanks for collecting and resting water. There will also be geothermal heat pumps for heating in the cold season.

Tree Houses by Peter Pichler Architecture (PPA) is an attempt to set a new standard for eco-conscious architecture, zero emissions, and “slow down” tourism in West Virginia.

The firm believes that this project will help move focus towards the area’s natural beauty and shape a more ecological future.

Project Details

Project Name: Tree Houses
Architecture Firm: Peter Pichler Architecture (PPA)
Location: Dawson Lake, West Virginia, US
PPA Principals: Peter Pichler, Silvana Ordinas
PPA Design Team: Daniele Colombati, Gianluigi D’Aloisio, Cem Ozbasaran, Giovanni Paterlini, Marco Caprani
Sustainable Tree Houses: 8 units of 36 – 55 m²
Structural Engineers: Bollinger & Grohmann
MEP: Optima Engineering
Project manager: Doug Hardaway
Client: Richard Lazes
Project Anticipated Completion Date: 2021

Project Diagrams




All images and diagrams © Peter Pichler Architecture
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