A Tour to Oriflame’s New Collaborative Workspace at JAKARTA |Indonesia Head Office | ENAR CONSULTANTS

Oriflame’s New Collaborative Workspace at JAKARTA |Indonesia Head Office | ENAR CONSULTANTS

The leading beauty company- Oriflame- has recently opened its new office in Jakarta, Indonesia, designed by architecture & interior design firm ENAR Consultants. According to Pankaj Khullar, principal architect, the firm used pastel colours with varied lighting to highlight spaces while designing Oriflame’s new collaborative workspace. Take a tour at this stunningly designed office at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

The Interiors Express the Brand Individuality

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

Respect for people and nature are the fundamental operating principles of Oriflame, which were captured in planning the interior for the new office at Jakarta. The office space has been designed in an unconventional manner with the objective to create an associative workspace. The interior environment embodies the brand in physical space with every individual design element, feature as well as the overall interior composition oriented to conveying the brand identity.

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

Inspiration was taken from the circular shape of Oriflame’s well-known logo, round pattern in the carpets, a curved reception desk and curved walls clad in wooden panels give the entrance a soft and welcoming feeling. The logo wall is installed opposite the main entry, with the backlit stretch ceiling (hut shaped) above it to have a welcoming feel.

Colour has been added to the lobby through brighter features such as the lounge seating and rugs. This contrasts with the neutral white hues of the rest of the office. All of the office spaces are majorly white but light pastel tones are visible in the break areas and the lounges.

A combination of the grid, exposed and fabric light ceiling has been used in the entire office. Grid ceiling has been used in workstation areas to help in acoustics and the rest of the ceilings are kept exposed to provide it an industrial look and feel. The exposed ceiling also helps in regular maintenance and regular upkeep of the services.

A Step Towards Sustainability

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

The designers adopted a sustainable approach by planting planter boxes at various places which not only adds to the aesthetics of the interior but also improves the air quality of the space. They help to remove manmade toxins from the air and reduce the amount of dust, mold bacteria that employees are breathing in.

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

A big Moss wall placed in cafeteria which brings some of nature’s soothing beauty inside.

Choice of Materials and Colours

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

The Swedish origins of the company play a vital role in colour scheme, textures, and overall look and feel. Openness, greenery, quality, technology, safety and innovation are a few of the brand’s characteristics.

Brand colours, which are mostly pastel and a mix of warm materials such as Oakwood, have been used. Social, casual, inspiring modern and vibrant were the brand keywords for the new office in Jakarta.

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

To ensure that the atmosphere is calm for concentration, the general office area is kept predominantly white and uncluttered.

Soft pastels and accents of brighter colours are given in the lounges to create variation and visual interest. Following the neutral interior scheme texture of the walls is changed in the collaboration zone.

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

Walls are finished in brick tiles painted in white to have a rustic and casual feel to space. Silent rooms have a fabric panelling on all walls to help in acoustics.

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

Colour scheme for the service centre is of a palette of browns, greys, and white with a hint of fluorescent green as their brand colour. Wooden texture being the major element in the design guidelines is used prominently everywhere.

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

A conscious effort was made in keeping the monotony of the floors with colours and materials to reflect the brand identity wherein it was differentiated with the use of multiple furniture styles.

Role of Lighting in the Project

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

Lighting played a very important role in the entire project. A combination of linear, rectangular, round, custom made, fabric light, etc. have been used in the entire office.

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

Every different area has different light to create the right kind of ambiance. The lamp colour was also changed as per the usage of the space, all workstations had daylight whereas all collaborative areas had yellow light. Custom designed lights made of acoustic material lighting was also used in the collaborative area. 

Oriflame by Enar Consultants

The Cafeteria has beautiful pendant lights which make the space looks attractive it appeals to the visitors to experience the environment. The ceiling has a sound escape to reduce the noise.

Light changing fabric light was used at the entrance as well as the board room.  Whereas the fabric light installed at entrance symbolizes entry into the home.  

architectsArchitects: Amit, Pankaj, Anubha, Dipankar (Clockwise from bottom left)

Project Details

Project built-up area: 2000 sq.mts 
Location:  Jakarta, Indonesia
Start date: 1st October 2019
Completion date: 14th February 2020
Principal Architect: Pankaj Khullar  
Junior Architect: Anisha Kapoor, Paritosh Jain
Advisor: Electro Consultants (Electrical) 
Key Material:  Furniture (Sunon, China), Ceiling (Armstrong) , Carpet (Millikan), Lights - Philips, Ikea, Vivo Light (India)
Photo Credits:  Oriflame Team Jakarta

About the Firm

ENAR Consultants was established by Amit Khullar (B.Arch (Gold medalist), MPlan (Environmental Planning)), in August 1995. From its humble beginnings the organization has grown manifold in the 20 years of its existence. It was subsequently joined by Dipankar Mazumdar (B.Arch., M.Plan. (Environmental Planning)) in 1996, Pankaj Khullar (B.Arch., M.La.) in 1998 and Anubha Khullar (B.Arch) in 2010.  ENAR specializes in Institutional projects but has on its portfolio Residential, Industrial and Commercial projects as well. One section specializes in corporate and residential interiors. For the last 5 years, ENAR has been providing PMC services for large projects with the mandate to implement the highest quality of Architectural finishes without budget and time overruns.

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