Swan shaped Mega Yacht with detachable head inspired by Japanese Manga | Pierpaolo Lazzarini

Designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, known for his outrageous and ultra-futuristic design concepts, this Mega Yacht with its Swan like shape and most appalling amenities provides a peek into the future.

137 m mega Yacht


Design specifications

Vanguard inspired by Japanese Manga

The 137 meter long yacht is controlled by the 'Head', acting as Control Tower. Its positioning is also the reason behind the name ‘avanguardia’ meaning ‘vanguard’ unintentionally inspired by a 1970s Japanese Manga. The head can be ‘detached’ and transform itself into an auxiliary 16 meter boat.

Lowered control tower

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Tender detached

Venguard tender in action

Jet Capsules, MTU rolls-royce engine and more!

Equipped with twin fully electric side engines and for more speed, a central MTU rolls-royce engine the future Yacht can attain a maximu cruising speed of about 18 knots. The megayacht is divided into 5 decks and fit upto 60 passengers. Its rear also incorporates port for two jet capsules designed by Lazzarini himself.

The rear deck port

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Side garage

When in motion, the ‘head’, or control tower, can adjust avanguardia’s position by lowering itself to the middle of the mega yacht body. Once the head is detached, the top part of the yacht becomes the control tower.

Jet Capsule tenders

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Image credit: Lazzarini Design
Text credit: Designboom

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